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? Cev Grammatis Qaghan
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<@Legion> the most interesting 'English has two words for this' imo is "fate" vs "doom"
<@Legion> French only has "destin" for both
<Slereah__> Doom is much more negative
<Slereah__> I can accept my fate
<Slereah__> But I cannot accept my DOOM

<Slereah__> I like how people always know Jack Sparrow wherever you go
<Slereah__> It's like if Pirates of the Carribean 12 was set in space
<Slereah__> And they meet some martian sailors
<Slereah__> And they meet the king of Mars for the first time
<Slereah__> "We were only looking for our friend Jack Sparrow"
<Slereah__> "JACK SPARROW!"
<Slereah__> He does get around

<Slereah> They don't realize that the worst kind of immigrants took their jobs
<Slereah> (Machines)
<Slereah> did you know that a mining drill doesn't even ask for any salary
<Whimemsz> oh no
<Slereah> They'll work for peanuts!
<Slereah> and take our women
<miekko> Slereah: miniaturized mining drills indeed have taken our women!
<Slereah> heyooo

[come at me, i'm quoting myself again]
<@Cev> Thet was thet erost bod: Deus tuus unus est. Thin God thet is thi ena, ther skippere is himulrikes and irthrikes, tham skaltu thiania.
<@Cev> Thet was thet other bod: Non assumas nomen Dei tui in vanam. Thu ne skalt thines Godis noma nawet idle untfa; thermithi sund'ti urbeden alle menetha.
<@Cev> Thet was thet thredde bod: Sanctifica diem sabbati. Thu skalt firia thene helega sunnandi, hwante God him reste, tha hi eskipin hede himulrike and irthrike, therumbe skaltu ierne firia thene helega sunnandi.
<@Cev> Thet was thet fiarde bod: Honora patrem tuum et matrem tuam. Thu skalt eria thinne feder and thine moder, thettu theste langor libbe.
<@Cev> Thet was thet fifte bod: Non occides. Thu ne skalt nenne monslaga dwa.
<@Cev> Thet was thet sexte bod: Non mechaberis. Thu ne skalt nen hor tha nen overhor dwa, buta mith thinere afta wive skaltu godilike libba.
<@Cev> (I like that the commandment about adultery is called the "sexte bod")
<@Cev> Like hey
<@Cev> that other guy's wife sure has a sexte bod.
<@Slereah> she do
<@guitarplayer> that looks like some kind of … low german?
<@Cev> Old Frisian

<Slereah> "J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan (including the play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up and its novelisation Peter and Wendy) is covered by special legislation granting Great Ormond Street Hospital a right to royalties in perpetuity from commercial exploitation of the story on stage, in publication, and in broadcasts."
<Slereah> fuck that hospital and all its dying children

<Slereah> Being immortal would be fun
<Slereah> I'd just shoot myself in the head all the time
<Slereah> to be a drama queen
<Slereah> "Gee, this movie is SO BORING!"

<Slereah> Man I kinda hope Trump turns America into a fascist state just so they can stamp on Saizai
<Whimemsz> authoritarian governments have no tolerance for people trying to lug jugs of juice onto planes
<pthag[vajrapani]> Slereah, u can stamp on saizai any time u like
<Slereah> He will be sent to Guantanamo
<Slereah> He can drink all the juice he wants there
<Slereah> Through a cloth

<Slereah> I don't get "goodie two shoes"
<Slereah> is that not the appropriate number of shoes
<Slereah> it seems an odd thing to point out

<tiramisu> I'm more concerned with how do animals know that GROOMERS aren't hurting them?
<Slereah> because animals love grooming
<tiramisu> because we sure had a hard time convincing our dog that we weren't hurting him when we tried to groom him
<tiramisu> but he seemed OK when we hired a groomer
<Slereah> ur bad at grooming
<tiramisu> well it wasn't me
<tiramisu> also it depends on the grooming
<Slereah> your monkey ancestors are ashamed

<@Slereah> Is there something in the constitution that can automatically disqualify a president
<tiramisu> incapacitation
<@Slereah> What if they found out that Trump held on to nobility titles from foreign powers???
<@Slereah> And he was actually King Trump
<tiramisu> yeah that would disqualify him
<tiramisu> there's a whole list of automatic disqualifications
<tiramisu> imagine the scandal if we ever found out he's actually under 35!
<@Slereah> :D
<@Slereah> or was born in Kenya
<@Slereah> or if he had been president twice before
<@Slereah> He was actually Bill Clinton
<@Slereah> that's why he hates Hillary so much
<@Slereah> "Under Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment, no person who swore an oath to support the Constitution, and later rebelled against the United States, can become president. However, this disqualification can be lifted by a two-thirds vote of each house of Congress."
<@Slereah> Trump was General Lee all along