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, Boson message
I figured that a dedicated thread for the most important 5-letter word of all (MONEY) might be a nice thing. Hence, here's a place for showing off some of your monetary creations for your conworlds and the like, especially if it's/they're quite different in structure from most "modern" financial systems.

Anyways, of course, with me starting, I have a few recent-ish things to share:
Telèmor 50 franc (~USD 65)
Telèmor 100 franc (~USD 130)
Ilian 250 dénar (~USD 6)
Ilian 10000 dénar (~USD 240)
Oshaharu currency: pyéw, divided into 20 . Official rate is OSP 0.85 (17 ) per Telèmor franc, but the black market rate is quite different. (Closer to OSP 28-30 per franc.)