The Straits of Sidre
The busiest straits in the known world
Cartography / The Straits of Sidre

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The Straits of Sidre are the sea passages that connect the Megadelanean Sea with the Coral Sea and the Southern Seas. They lie between Marnunt and Sidre, separating the continents of Armasca and Erane.
    The map, with code 03MR13, is divided in two halves. The left half shows the general context of the straits' geography, with the surrounding lands, while the right half shows a closer look, putting the focus on the islands that make up the straits.


Lexical references

    • Arzava Small principality in the eastern shore of the Coral Sea, a few miles south of Sidre and separated from this kingdom by the dominions of the Tarascan Confederacy. Is a country enclaved in a rugged mountainous area, sparsely populated and without a settlement that could be considered a city. Arzavians are of Rodisian culture and speak the language of Sidre, southern Apamese. The kings of Sidre consider this land to be an inseparable part of their kingdom.
    • Busa Main settlement in the island of the same name, in its western shore. After Rafna it's the main Marnuncian port in the Straits of Sidre.
    • Casina City in Sidre that lies south of Retes and in front of Estura island. Its main activities are portuary, fishing and certain manufacturing industries (dyes and dyed textiles, saltings) for export.
    • Cineret Capital of the Kingdom of Sidre, in the western shore of Lake Tevre. Is a placid town of traders, shopkeepers and fishermen crowned with the large royal palace, larger than the town itself and symbol of the kings' wealthy.
    • Island of Busa One of the three large islands in the Straits of Sidre, the westernmost of all. It takes its name from Busa city and is part of the Kingdom of Marnunt.
    • Island of Estura The largest and easternmost island in the Straits of Sidre. It belongs to the Kingdom of Sidre.
    • Island of Tanrasset Island in the Straits of Sidre, the southernmost of all and the only one constituted as a sovereign state. The Republic of Tanrasset is ruled by a civic council formed by one hundred honorable citizens elected by sortition. The capital is Tanrasset, a tranquil town in the eastern coast, but Tinarfaia i the largest city in the country and of all the Sidre Straits, a grand trading port and industrious city. The other towns worth mentioning are Sina and Sitnes.
    • Lake Sebanet Lake in the Marnuntian Delta, the easternmost of the delta's lakes. It's fed by the eastern arm of the Pamfle river, known as Sebanitic Arm, and is separated from the sea by a long sand bar where the city of Radaisra is built. It's an important and easy source of fish for all Marnunt.
    • Lakes of Brine A group of salty lakes in north-eastern Marnunt and south of the city of Rafna. They are industrially exploited to obtain salt, one the city's wealth sources.
    • Coral Sea Narrow sea separating Erane from Armasca and connecting the Megadelanean Sea with the Southern Seas. Despite its sparsely populated coasts and relative isolation of its desertic shores it's a busy and crowded transport way among these lands.
    • Megadelanean Sea Sea where the continents of Eurede, to the north, Erane, to the east, and Armasca, to the south, meet, making the center of Megadelanya, the region around this sea and, at the same time, the core region of the continental and insular lands known as Bredezhanya. The sea, with narrow passages and with a jagged coastline, is connected to the west with the Gagantean Sea and the Waterwinds Sea through the Styrian Gates, to the north-east with the Voramar Sea through the Taulants and Draçanencs straits, and to the south-east  with the Coral Sea through the Sidre Straits.
    • Marnunt Country in north-eastern Armasca, with the twin rivers Ren and Pamfle as its main arteries. The country is desertic except for these rivers' valleys and common delta.
    • Pamfle River in north-eastern Armasca, one of two Marnunt's river arteries together with the Ren. With this river it forms the Marnuntian Delta, the kingdom's farm and granary, and of the neighbouring countries as well.
    • Tarasque Peoples Group of seminomadic tribes that settled the region a century ago from Besarea's deep south. They are now constituted into a tribal confederacy.
    • Radasira City in the north-eastern edge of the Marnuntian Delta, placed on the sand bar that separates Lake Sebanet from the sea. The metropolis is one of the largest cities in the known world, and a main port for traders of the routes between Megadelanya and the lands south of the Sidre Starits. Trade and industry are of big importance in the city, as well as fishing in Lake Sebanet, which provides all Marnunt wih fish and crustaceans. The city is also home to many expatriate communities from all the corners of Megadelanya and beyond, including, among others, Helleans, Enolians, Rodisians, Madonians and Lansese. The Marnuntian Bank has its headquarters in Radasira, and the city is home of the School of Scholiasts and the Grand Library of Radasira. There's an office of the Hellesan Consulate of the Sea.
    • Rafna City in north-eastern Marnunt placed in the gulf of the same name and port that profits by the nearby Straits of Sidre. Is of all the Marnuncian cities the one with a higher ratio of foreigners and expatriates.
    • Rebais City in the Marnuntian Delta, on the Sebanitic Arm's eastern shore.
    • Retba Town to the north of Estura island, in front of Retes and with which it forms a large industrial and trading port.
    • Retes City in south-western Sidre, the largest in the realm, main port and its economic capital.
    • Savatella Hellesan city-state placed in a small island north of the Straits of Sidre. There's an office of the Hellesan Consulate of the Sea.
    • Sina Town in the Republic of Tanrasset, in the island's western coast and in the bay of the same name. It's devoted to port activities, especially shipyards.
    • Sitnes Town in the Republic of Tanrasset, in the south-western shore, devoted to fishing.
    • Sidre A Rodisanian country, the southernmost of all, washed by the Megadelanean Sea to the west and north-west and by the Straits of Sidre and the Coral Sea to the south-west. Its capital its the placid town of Cineret, by lake Tevre. Retes is its economic capital, benefited by the sea routes that pass by it.
    • Tinarfaia City in northern Tanrasset island, the most important settlement in the Straits of Sidre thaks to its central position. It's a large trade port and a free zone to exchange products, with docks, workhouses and shipyards. There's an office of the Hellesan Consulate of the Sea.