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, 農, Canada
<Slereah__> Let's make the #isharia conlang
<Slereah__> We will call it... isharian

Is there any interest in making a collablang? It seems like it has never been tried in this community.

We were talking about it for a little bit, and a few people seemed interested, but without making a huge commitment to it. Which is very fair of course, collablang threads tend to move very fast.

I just hoped I'd have better luck making a collablang here...

<Ser> I've participated in about 5 group conlanging projects
<Ser> and every time, I got out because I hated the language being created
<Ser> last one I tried participating in, the people in it agreed to have 10 pitch accents for words
<Ser> and they were, literally, 10 steps of height
<Whimemsz> lol
<Ser> 1 was very very very low, 2 was very very low, 3 was very low, 4 was low, 5 was mid, etc.
<Ser> gosh, I wanted to murder them
<Ser> something like this has happened every single time
<Whimemsz> well as we know most conlangers are fools
<Whimemsz> NOT ME THOUGH
<Ser> I mean, I knew I would need some degree of flexibility from my personal aesthetics
<Ser> but my flexibility never ends up being enough to deal with random Internet conlangers
<Slereah__> Do you have to speak like Tiny Tim for tone 10
<Slereah__> And James Earl Jones for tone 1
<Ser> it is quite possible a collab here would go better

So far, we've got (both are Izambri's suggestions):
- Etymologies should be of interest (creative? funny?)
- A phonological inventory that's similar to that of Kabyle

I've called the language Isharian-1 because who knows, there might be other Isharian languages in the future...