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I'm going to posit an -a declension here, coining a noun "p'at-a", "stone"

            SG    PL
NOM  p'at-a  p'at-u
GEN    p'at-ak' p'at-uk'
DAT    p'at-abi  p'at-ob
INST  p'at-awa p'at-uma

Sošn-a wek'ne-s p'at-awa
Soshna:NOM fish-HAB stone-INST
"Soshna fishes with a stone"

Sošn-a gaas wek'ne-d p'at-ak'
Soshna:NOM NEG.DO fish-3sOBJ stone-GEN
"Soshna doesn't have a stone"