The Aztec discovery of Europe
The Aztec discovery of Europe
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This is going to work as a scratchpad:

Yesterday I was boring and I draw a map of Europe with borders like those of the USA and Canada, this is mostly straight lines no matter the orography. I thought that it looked nice enough and that it would serve nicely as a map for an alternative history conworld. One in which the native Americans discovered Europe and subsequent historical events happened in a more or less similar way, quite reminiscent of the centuries after the Discovery™ (expansion of the newcomers at the expense of the natives, establishment of colonies, Renaissance period in the Old World, subsequent independence of the colonies, etc.).

As I said above this is a scratchpad, a place to put my initial ideas and see how to match and work them. The general ideas are:

General chronology

All years are Gregorian.

The Old World (Mesoamerica, the Caribbean and NW South America)

  • 600–800 / Population is stable at a low level, with intermittent growth.
  • 610 / Archangel Gabriel waits for Muhammad near cave Hira, on Mount Jabal al-Nour, but Muhammad stumbles and dies due to traumatic brain injury, thus preventing the emergence of Islam.
  • 800–1050 / Population boom and expansion.
  • 1148 / The Aztec Empire rises as the superpower of Mesoamerica with the Tzintzuntzan Peace, which makes the Tzintzuntzan Kingdom, the Guamar Confederacy and several petty states vassals of the empire.
  • 1150–1217 / First expansion of the Inca Empire to the west and the north.
  • c. 1200 / Steep population decline in the Mayan area.
  • 1294 / Aztec sailors discover Europe, landing on Brittany.

The New World (Europe and the Mediterranean)

  • c. 400 / After the collapse of the Roman Empire the migration period begins.
  • 400–600 / In late Antiquity there's a generalized population decline.
  • 525 / A great plague devastates much of Europe and the Mediterranean. Almost half the population dies.
  • c. 800 / The stem duchies of Bavaria, Swabia, Franconia, Burgundy, Carinthia and Verona reemerge in and around the Alps. From that moment on they'll become more integrated into what will become the Roman Crown.
  • 962 / On 25 December Wilhelm, king of the Germans, crowns himself supreme pontiff in Basel, which makes him bishop of that city (the so-called "New Rome") and leader of the western Christian world. That day the Roman Crown is also established, with the supreme pontiff and the Roman King being the same person.


General view of both worlds the year of the Discovery (1294).