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The Reckoning of Time
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? Izambri Left of the middle
posts: 899
, Duke, the Findible League
The combination of seasons and months results in this typical pattern:

ISEU "summer"; from Peran isaura "hot flush".
Brans apocope of Bramsard, the deity that assures the fertility of fields and animals, from Peran Baramasarata "reaper bull".
Arges from Sarden Argymai Festia "Festa's tears", the name given to the Perseids.
Feres from Peran Ferais, related to Common Megadelanean Faris "Sirius".

NAUSARD "autumn"; from Elnid nausarth "decay, fatigue, weariness".
Berm from Peran nbermauas "pilgrimages to the woods".
Bruine from Peran broduinar "herds of mist; flocks of fog".
Riçold from Peran Ritiaudas "wind freezer", a nature deity that announces the arrival of winter.

ARBOÇ "winter"; from Elnid arabarth "stagnation, stoppage".
Mavendres "weddings of cats".
Rovanyes from Peran Rubanies "(feasts) of the wolves".
Àster "disturbingly tumultuous, ravishing".

MADISSAIVE "spring"; from Sarden madisaeues "sweet fruits".
Bers from Peran Baire, the deity of flowery plants.
Martighes from Peran malestigazi "pilgrimages to the mountains".
Cenller related to Hellesan cenard llir "kingly cereal, royal corn".

Bressaures from Peran brēnas saurus "five suns". Solstice day is named Armallard, from Elnian Armail Ardar "Sun on the top".