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The Reckoning of Time
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Days (dinci "24h day") have the same length as ours, but they are divided into 36 hours of 40 minutes each (onç "40 minute hour"). As we said a new day begins at sunset, unlike our days, which begin at midnight. In the table below you can see the Bredezhan day compared to ours. As you can deduce, davenalle stands for "midnight" and daussort means "midday"; therefore giane "sunset" and aurefoys "sunrise".
    To each half of the 24h day correspond 18 oncis. Hours are numbered from 1 to 36, the first one being the one after sunset. The hours are reunited into groups of three, six of these corresponding to night (nalle) and named gisles "vigils", and the other six to day (sort "day(light)") and named jancis "day time".


Vigils and daytimes are named accordingly to characteristic traits or associated ideas:

    • Tasyare "silent calm". Considered the most tranquil part of the day, when animals return to yards and, people, to home.
    • Brossar "(to have) supper". The hours dedicated to the day's last important meal.
    • Entressatze "abed one". The hours to go to bed.
    • Brantallons "intempestive hours". Considered the most untimely and less productive hours in the whole day.
    • Natjambre "terrible night". Considered the worst part of the night, for being dark and deep hours in which spirits and night beings roam ways and fields.
    • Fesyellet "rooster's call". The hours previous to sunrise. when roosters crow the most. Considered the best hours to share secrets.
    • Laude "golden one". The hours after sunrise, when light takes golden and pinkish shades.
    • Tregolança "bustling", "feverish time". The hours when work is most intense.
    • Sarçol "sun's crown". The three hours previous to midday.
    • Daunir "(to have) dinner". The hours dedicated to that meal. And to after-dinner's nap.
    • Ainocandh "evening's falling". The last hours in which there's still enough light to work outside.
    • Morsandh "dark entering". The hours that open the path to night.