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Feasts, traditions, and celebrations
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Among Hellesans and other Bredezhan peoples, the last feast was Ànvires Dances "Sacred Souls", with agricultural and funerary roots, and celebrated in 13 and 14 brovines. The first day coincides with the celebration of the end of the harvest period, and the second one is the Venerable Deceased Day, celebrated 40 days after the autumn equinox, a day to remember the deceased loved ones, whose spirits work together with berets (genies of houses, homes and families) to protect both the house and the family.

After that feast the next one doesn't have a fixed day because is the tasting of the first (or youngest) wine, which is celebrated throughout the 2nd half of this month (this is, after Ànvires Dances). In towns and cities the custom is to form a small group of people to visit several cellars to taste the first wines; these cellar visits are spiced up with sweet cakes, toasted almonds and hazelnuts, and cheese, as well as music in which becomes, de facto, a kind of popular religious mass. Doing the 'cellar route' is known as ader isont "to go hot" or "to behave hot", and the name of the feast is Enyatzes "large amount of wine".