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<Naima> sweaty furry sex toys, they stop real fast and don't like them you will become the smallest hint of muscle. his throbbing manhood, his cock, was swollen and throbbing. �my god� he thought �this brings back memories.�

<Naima> manhood is that legal thing to say phar has the highest tolerance for bad puns when double meaning is involved of course carved into irregularly shaped stone tablets (mostly, tombstones) dating from china's imperial period still standing in the cemetery. according to an official count, among them there are 22 tablets from the song of songs or sth is it computer-related?

<Isambri> Naima weather forecast for the next week
<Naima> weather forecast for the next week to rip apart the deck and rebuild it and stay out of politics bumper stickers here

<Naima> christianism is the one i have really played is civ 4 last night. it was very well done flash for ten seconds and then reappear as a larger and red version of themselves with twice as much gas in the past few years and i don't get why they want to ban it?

<Isambrie> Naima the ZBB
<Naima> the zbb murderer registry?
<Isambrie> yes
<Isambrie> you got it

<Isambrie> Naima food as lubricant is
<Naima> food as lubricant is awesome?
<Isambrie> yeah
<Isambrie> she knows