Timeline of the Allosphere
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Grey Prehistory


??? BE

The colony-ark Hua v Oue's dropship Veingget makes planetfall. The captain of the expeditionary party christens the place where the flag was planted Oʔn Hak after his daughter. Construction of the system warp-gate begins immediately. After six months the new Faehawn colony transmits the first message of success.


??? BE

After several hundred years of stability, the galaxy is wracked by war. Faehawn colony is cut off from the warp network; as one of humanity's furthest colonies, contact is never reestablished. As technology slowly ceases functioning, the last traces of the old civilization sink into ruin and are lost.

Recent Prehistory


??? BE

The hulk of the system warpgate station eventually suffers orbital decay, exiting its Lissajous orbit around the sun and crossing the path of Faehawn. The impact causes severe climatic disruption, extinguishing many peoples and sending most of those that survive on a path back to civilization.

Farms and Kings

Eastern Enzia
??? BE
Large-scale agriculture on the Enzian continent begins to reemerge in the now-fertile riverine regions of the east. Several peoples begin to form city-states. The Miar city-states achieve dominance in the eastern regions and begin to vassalize others. Writing emerges in the Miar cultural area over a period of several hundred years.

Early History

zeʔáyak̂ baŋéʔa imáyy

Eastern Enzia
??? BE

The Miar king <TODO> of <TODO> conquers his main competitor cities of <TODO> and <TODO> and unites the Miar-speaking area under one banner. Other city-states become tributaries of his Proto-Empire; it is at this point that Miar writing begins to spread to adjacent cultures.

Less-Early History

The Kett Expansion

??? BE

Agricultural Kett tribes from the western coasts of Enzia begin to expand into Harue, displacing the native Arve and introducing writing to the island.

Recent History

The Concord of Ten

??? BE
An agreement is reached between the city-states of Tsat, Qon, Tamlo, Khap, Gjime, Shotra, Nqi, Tangba, Dwei and Fong to form a mutual defence pact. The resulting confederacy quickly crowds out most competition in the region, paving the way for Tsi domination of the archipelago.

The Rau War

Swamp Continent
??? BE

The Rau, a Hathic desert people who follow a monotheistic religion derived from the institutional Tengrism of the Kangshi, form an alliance with the Tsi Empire and conquer the wealthy city-state of Narng. The Rau high priest Teredzin preaches that their victory is divine retribution for Narng idolatry, and advocates the conquest of all the Swamp Continent; however, for his comparatively soft treatment of Vengic political and religious leaders, he is accused of sympathy with the idolaters and killed by one of his own followers, the charismatic Shquqou, who then assumes command of the Rau military and presses east along the coast.

The remaining Vengic states form a coalition to defeat the Rau, who, between internal discord in the Tsi Empire and their threatening noises theretoward, gradually lose Tsi support. This coalition kills Shquqou and stops the eastward drive of the Rau; then Zenzi, a populous eastern state, presses on to recapture Narng and vassalizes the remaining states, uniting the northern reaches of the Swamp Continent.