Going to the market
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Nzvmaj mkodcit nv rbstct, mñwit mbre nv mpuagogx mzdazcj, ñña vkoskix tvndcj n xv.
nzvmajyesterday m-REAL-ko-1s-dcitgo nvOBL r-cV-bstctmarket m-REAL-ñwitbe mbreDEM_cV.OBL nvOBL m-cPL-puagogxfruit m-cPL-zdazcjmany ñ-CMPL-ñaAUX v-NEG-ko-1s-skixknow tv-SS-ndcjbuy nOBL xvwhat
Yesterday I went to the market, and there were so many kinds of fruit that I didn't know what to buy.

Wxat mzvndwaj spapuax tvtxoj nax ñmau tvndcj n xv.
wxatthen m-REAL-zv-cI-ndwajcome_up s-cI-papuaxfruit_merchant tv-SS-txojask nax1s.OBL ñ-CMPL-mauwant tv-SS-ndcjbuy nOBL xvwhat
Then the greengrocer came up and asked me what I wanted to buy.

"Grabax", mxswx se, "mñwit nax mpuagogx ñmstat pxo nv bmagdau" tvxswx.
grabax1s.EMPH m-REAL-xswxsay seDEM.cI m-REAL-ñwitbe nax1s.OBL m-cPL-puagogxfruit ñ-CMPL-m-cPL-statexcel pxogood nvOBL b-cV-magdauworld tv-SS-xswxsay
"Me", he said, "I have the best fruit in the world".

"N igzit vña mpuagogx nigt ñmpit pxo nv mpuagogx nv bkrag nzvj!" mkoxswx nze.
nOBL i-cIX-gzitcertainty v-NEG-ñaAUX m-cPL-puagogxfruit nigt2s.OBL ñ-CMPL-mpitbe_more pxogood nvOBL m-cPL-puagogxfruit nvOBL b-cV-kragvillage nzvj1p.OBL m-REAL-ko-1s-xswxsay nzeDEM_cI.OBL
I said to him, "certainly your fruit is not better than the fruit from our village!"

"Vña; mmroj mpuagogx nax pxo nv mpuagogx nv bkrag nigt, kwnmñwit me nv bkrag nigt."
v-NEG-ñaAUX m-REAL-mrojbe_equal m-cPL-puagogxfruit nax1s.OBL pxogood nvOBL m-cPL-puagogxfruit nvOBL b-cV-kragvillage nigt2s.OBL kwn-COND-m-cPL-ñwitbe meDEM_cPL nvOBL b-cV-kragvillage nigt2s.OBL
"It isn't; it is just as good as the fruit from your village, because it is from your village!"