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? Jipí der saz ûf eime steine
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<Isambri> well, I saw a ufo when I was a child. I wasn't abducted, but all I saw was those little guys putting large boxes into the ufo
<Isambri> it wasn't much exciting
<Slereah> Isambri : That's how the cargo cult starts

<Tanaphor> I don't want to sound too french, but
<Tanaphor> my baguette tastes weird

<twabs> so if you fail to correctly break down a word into its component morphemes, is that a segmentation fault?

<tiramisu> that's OK because Eid al-Adha is a Genesis celebration!
<Tanaphor> do you mean the console or the band
<Tanaphor> or the Star Trek II device
<tiramisu> whichever one predates Islam

<guitarplayer> i'm pagromming a db for my dissertation data
<H13> sounds unpleasant
<tanaphor-work> SELECT german FROM ja WHERE adj = gut
<tanaphor-work> SORT BY ordnung

<Cevv> I hear they can grow imitation bavarian meat in labs now
<pthagnar> it's called leberkase
<pthagnar> and plausible