The Carcasses of Those who once Ruled
The Gods were great, and terrible.
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The Gods of Dawn

The Gods of Light

The Crown

The Unyielding Glory, the Pinnacle of Creation, the Mother of War

A being of constant movement and restlessness, the Crown was the lady of battle and patron of the ambitious. Each enemy slain a prayer to her name, every victory a paean to her greatness, every failure a sacrifice to her abject hunger. Man prayed to Her for a life after death, and feared her for the excesses of pride and hubris to which she condemned those of Her followers She deemed unworthy.

The Sun

The Lifegiver, She of the Fire, The Dawn of the End

The Sun was simultaneously the most merciless and the most careless of the Gods, so confident in her supreme might that she never once thought of retreat. Her warmth gave life, but she burnt her creations without a second thought. Contemplating on the nature of this being could bring strength and inner peace, but to look too deep into Her light would mean to behold the utter darkness within.

The Gods of Dusk

The Gods of Night