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quoting Rhetorica, Kelatetía: Dis, Major Belt 1:
There are quite a few entries on that page overall that are unambiguously dead and haven't seen a soul in years. Perhaps lobby for a purge of those, first?

Yeah, okay, I can just tell them to update the labels and links for Anthologica then.
I have a semi-concrete timeline now for developing the mythical tumblr-esque crossposting format, also, which will make it a lot easier for people to share their recent additions, and should make the community appear less dormant.

Honestly, all I ask to be able to use this website in the first place and recommend it to other people is a faster serving of pages. It is too slow, sometimes my browser even gives up on it. There was one time when I tried to show it to someone I was having a conversation about conlanging with, here in Vancouver in late 2018, but my phone would manage to load its pages only now and then, haphazardly, like an unfortunate demo... The "languages" main page seems to be especially painful to load for some reason (what makes the server have problems with it?). I suppose the crossposting format would be amusing to use, but IMO that is not the right priority here...

Again, it's not something I'm angry or annoyed about, but it's also not something I'm that hopeful about. I just don't use Annie.