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? Hallow XIII Primordial Crab
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, 蘇黎世之侯
I would say your reaction to "this is a platform I don't use" was somewhat tactless.

An interesting question raised here though is what you (or people in general) are looking for in a Conlanging Community. I, for example, almost never use the Languages page. My favorite landing page is the Recent Site Activity page, which is much more interesting, since it shows you what's being worked on and, more importantly, allows you to keep track of what people whose output you know you enjoy are doing.

The community aspect, I suppose, is cut somewhat short by the forums not being used all too frequently, but part of that is people not posting creations to the forums as they would on a phpbb. I suspect a combination of the vaunted tumblrfeature and some sort of "official" IM space would alleviate this.