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(–at–slo) (smí–yn)
Word of the Day: cenc
adj. Five, 5.
Welcome to the Naimactionary, where you will find words of the Naimo language as well as absurd and idiotic definitions provided by Naima, the cosmogonical goddess of Theknownworld.

–ator, sf. Agent.
–èon, sf. Settlement, town, city.
aaaaa, n. The present; the beginning; the beginning of the action; the first part of an action; as, the first part of an ode.
apartne, n. Area, zone.
Area of governance.
ar, art. The.
aragnarja, n. Spiderweb.
aragne, n. Spider.
artecle, n. Article, item.
aute, n. Water.
baste, n. Fort, military fortification.
bièl, n. (geography, urbanism) Belt, corridor.
Bongolen, pn. An ancient amber.
bonjourning, n. The act of leaving home in order to be with family or friends.
broing, n. A black or white orchid.
Bygmalion, pn. A member of an ecclesiastical order, usually called the order of St.
cagn, adj. Upper.
cenc, adj. Five, 5.
cheese laser, n. A cheese laser is a laser that uses a cheese laser to produce a cheese.
code, n. Code.
conlanging, n. A kind of lautering, or lautering, used in the distilling of liquor.
còr, n. Palace, or palatine complex, as in the ancient palatine temples, which served as palace for the monarchs, central temples, and centres for trade.
cors, n. City, oldtown.
Covid-19, pn. A type of Cabernet wine, generally from France, and the British colonies.
cvev, n. A cedar veneer.
cylindroid, n. A type of polygonal line or grid having the form of a circle, parallel, or hexagon, and having a central point at the bottom, a central point along the edges, and a central point along the top and sides.
darkmatter, n. A dark substance; so called for being a dark brownish reddish yellow crystalline substance, having a black crystalline substance, and resembling dark brownish greenish white material.
defrascator, n. A quantum defraculator.
dès, adj. Ten, 10.
drug, n. A substance used to prevent the formation of some corrosive substances.
duu, adj. Two, 2.
electroboogaloo, n. A man whose vision is impaired to the extent that he cannot see the future.
emport, n. Amount (of money), price, cost.
Endogenous Period, pn. The current geological period, defined as the period that started with the Last G (which is the Point G, or G Point), following the end of the Quaternary Period.
fartel, n. A syllabic speech sound pronounced without any stricture in the anal tract, or with partial closure of the same, reason why they are often considered consonantic-like anal vowels, or vocalic-like anal consonants.
feefoll, n. A foul fowl.
feefoop, n. One who feefolles.
final, adj. Final, end.
finàs, n. Finance.
flibeljiglu, n. A log, wheel, or other log, used for measuring the distance in which any object extends from the axis of the earth.
flipflop, n. A wrestler who holds the crosses in his hands in a double flagpole with the crosses placed in the reverse order, as in a double flagpole, and who calls the other two flags in a double flagpole.
flombastra, n. A burnished or lustrous glaze; a dark brownish yellow or black colorless white amber, often used in the manufacture of scarcer colors.
furrynomagnet, n. A peculiar metal, having a curved surface of one color, and having a density of about 10,000,000,000.
gangsteropossum, n. Any of various small, dark, grey, powerful, aggressive, and dangerous animals.
garzyol, n. Prison.
gharja, n. Net, web.
Goatpoo, pn. Historical currency of the Zulu Kingdom, where it was used for the first time in human history.
grau, n. Port.
guaguàs, n. A collective passenger transport to move people fast between two points, without intermediate stops.
guano, n. A solid substance, usually of some essential grade, with a specific affinity to certain metals and minerals.
guas, adj. Fast, rapid.
gwendolyn, n. obs. A mountain or hill-top.
H13, pn. A king, a king, a king.
Hartung, pn. Male name of Saxon origin, meaning "church horse".
Hypermongolia, pn. The genus of mosses and of the species Hymenoptera, and allied genera, which includes the butterfly, the lacewing, and the other Hymenoptera.
interositor, n. A spherical, cylindrical, of the innermost part of a cylinder made of steel or heavy steel, and used as a hammer.
iselle, n. Department, as in "Police Department, Department of Health".
isharia, n. A salt of urea.
killerkitten, n. A small kitten.
las, n. Plain.
mercant, adj. Merchant, mercantile.
middle-mongolian, n. (Idiom) A middle-aged, or middle-aged middle-aged man.
miuron, n. An expansion district, or expansion borough of a city or town.
motor, n. Motor.
Murrica, pn. A genus of large-bodied mollusks including the freshwater mollusks (Mollusca); of doubtful authority, but of some authority.
mw, adj. New.
Naima, pn. A black crystalline substance, usually referred to as niobate, among which atom acids are of the same order.
Nigger Cola, pn. Nigger Cola (Arabic: سيصِكَرَّبِيَ اللَفِسّىٰ‎, al-ḥdhāʾ Ṣiệṣaḙy al-alwɾatāḥ Ṣjāŋatîyah) is a Saudi Arabian drink that is popular in the north of the country.
Niggerverse, pn. In American folklore and fantasy, the Niggerverse, comparably in the African American literature, is a reference point for African American characters in fantasy stories as well as the storyline arc of a kid coming face to face with a nigger at which point, he might be inclined to give his life to save his skin.
nun, adj. Nine, 9.
Nutella, pn. A genus of tropical and tropicalally cultivated plants of the genus Nutella, and allied plants of the family Nutella.
octobustron, n. A type of composite pendulum (alloyed with metal, usually silver) having a diameter of about 2.5".
octosexahedron, n. (Physics) An orthoride of the dodecahedron.
oit, adj. Eight, 8.
orthofusal, adj. Similar to a part of a work.
oydz, adj. Eight, 8.
paien, n. Rural town.
pepperblaster, n. A gun with a mouthpiece of a different colour.
plasmatic, adj. Having a shell, and resembling it.
Plasmoid, pn. A genus of algae, including the members Thechèllobranch.
prencipaut, n. Principality.
prens, n. Prince.
pris, n. Price.
quantum defraculator, n. A device used to defraud a person or entity.
Quattrille, pn. A male name.
quautre, n. Four, 4.
rape-room, n. (Idiom, Nautical) A private, secluded area in a ship's hold where the purpose of the nights and weekends is to have sex.
ribre, n. Coast, riviera.
roel, n. Core, nucleus.
roial, adj. Royal.
Roombario Colorum, pn. The brand name of a pixie-coloured fruit soda.
saus, n. South.
sehura, n. (organization) Police.
sekronos, n. A rural expressway in pre-Hellenistic Athens, which later became the Greek word for any rural expressway.
Sensational cosmology, pn. A branch of science related to cosmology which acknowledges evidence of the existence of something called sensels, a term for "imagination".
seys, adj. Six, 6.
shellacànthid, n. An algoid of the shellacanth tree (Serenoides).
sintatzie, n. Authority.
siuran, n. A salt of a pure and noble columbian alkaloid, and used in medicine.
Sjagnatiyah, pn. (Also spelled Ṣjāŋatîyah "the Extraterrestrial Life Force"; also known as Satya Yugjahadehāyyah).
slowsilver, n. A silver or lead powder, obtained by the action of an alkalic acid, and having the chemical formula of the substance in question.

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