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H13: my conlangspiration is a japanese dictionary tbh
Yng: that's because you're a pervert h13
H13: the phrases section is always a goldmine
Yng: you like to take semantic inspiration from sentences like your_noble_servant TOP testicle NOM tentacle FROM tickle-do-excessively_formal-NOM 'I enjoyed this anime'

Yng: learning turkish taught me that once you get past a certain uhm
Yng: what would you call it
Yng: critical mass of suffixes on verbs
Yng: it becomes really easy to innovate new morphology
Yng: you can just v relaxedly acquire morphemes meaning stupid things like 'ever since I did [this one perfective action]'
H13: yeah
H13: i assume the reason north america is Like That
H13: is because the north was Goddam Empty
H13: so nobody was there to stop the runaway morphologization
Yng: and so their ancestors passed time
Yng: by coining new morphemes
Yng: they spent so long wondering if they COULD grammaticalise everything.....
Yng: they never took the time to ask if they SHOULD

Yng: greenlandic is so excellent
Yng: it has the kind of fairly insane morphophonology you only get when you have about 5,000 speakers
Whimemsz: see, morphophonology doesn't phase me
Whimemsz: because I have seen Athabaskan
Whimemsz: so Greenlandic is like, "meh"
Yng: whimemsz has seen morphemic alternations that man should not have wot of
H13: if you stare into the tanacross
H13: the tanacross stares back at you
Yng: he's seen monosegmental morphemes disappear into a swirling maelstrom of apparently unrelated phonemes
Yng: he's seen.......... navajo
Whimemsz: Lovecraft has written a short story on it

<barsuga-phone> There is that whole Penis Panick thing
<barsuga-phone> Something that the primitive tribesmen and the far right believe in
<barsuga-phone> Estrogen in soy is the modern version of witches stealing your penis

<Cev> The title of this map
<Cev> "La Virginea Pars"
<Cev> what... what language is taht supposed to be?
<Legion> Cev > that looks like a mix of a romance language and latin, it's weird
<CUM_SIURAN> make it illa and it's probably grammatical
<Legion> it would still need a genitive
<Legion> illae virginiae pars
<Legion> but that would mean "part of this virginia"
<Legion> so the correct latin would just be "virginiae pars"
<Cov> i mean probably not worth thinking about too hard
<Cov> the guy who named it seems just to have not really understood romance
<Legion> well it's kinda intriguing
<Legion> even if it's just Bad Latin
<miekko> Legion: is this a tribute to Lady Gaga?
<miekko> given that bad latin is a precursor to bad romance!

<Legion> there's a lot of unsustainable thing in China like
<Legion> having completed their demographic transition before having actually become a rich country
<Legion> that's going to be a killer bug
<Legion> fully developped countries are already flailing around trying to find solution to deal with their aging population
<Legion> in China it's going to be a catastrophe
<barsuga-phone> You know what would solve it though
<barsuga-phone> A virus that kills old people
<barsuga-phone> 🤔

<Barsuga> the downside of the epidemic that may kill us all
<Barsuga> My mom is in full mom mode
<Barsuga> she is sending me all the advice, essential oil and positive vibes she can
<pthag> which oils
<Barsuga> She only threatened to get me some, but so far I have not gotten any
<Barsuga> So I cannot be sure

<Barsuga> "TP rolls will be worth their weight in gold in a few months, because everyone needs it."
<Izambri> Also, the perfect time to introduce a new coin: the rollcoin
<Izambri> alternatively, the "loocoin"
<Barsuga> Izambri : they already have that in Canada
<Barsuga> the Loonie