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<tiramisu> I have one more week of Lent :(
<Legion> oh you have a lot more than that ;)
<Legion> provided you were smart and gave up on "social contect"
<tiramisu> I read sexuality into that
<pharazon> giving up going to church for lent is a real 200 IQ move

<barsuga-phone> Why are moths so fuzzy
<barsuga-phone> I wish to pet them

<Barsuga> "The only point of life is to fuck girls with nice fat asses. Everything else is cope."
<Barsuga> Incels tend to have very specific goals for life on earth
<pharazon> so why isn't he doing it..
<Barsuga> he is unfit for life
<Barsuga> I fuck girls with fat asses every day
<Barsuga> Ms. Pharazon
<Barsuga> is her name
<Orassos> and she's plural, is she
<twabs> no relation
<Barsuga> Orassos : her ass is that fat

<Barsuga> Also I've just had a horrible realization
<Barsuga> if they remake Back to the Future, it will happen in the 2020's, and Marty will have to go back to the 90's
<pharazon> cowabunga man
<Barsuga> Doc will get plutonium from ISIS
<Barsuga> And marty will be the DJ at his parent's party
<Barsuga> He will play some eurobeat or something
<Barsuga> And there will be a scene
<Barsuga> "Who's the president
<Barsuga> "Donald Trump"
<Barsuga> "Ah!"
<Barsuga> what a silly notion