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? twabs fair maiden
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<Barsuga> please help sometimes my inner monologue sounds like Seinfeld

<Whimemsz> so my parents just got back from Australia
<Whimemsz> apparently one person asked them "is it true you Yanks have the water go the other way in your toilets?"
<Whimemsz> and another person asked them, in all seriousness, if the sun rose in the east or the west in America

<Legion> new study reveals everything ever bad for you
<twabs> new study reveals that all of existence is suffering
<twabs> and that only by following the eightfold path can one achieve nirvana
<twabs> etc
<Legion> study paid for by Big Karma

<Legion> my favorite projection is dymaxion
<Barsuga> My favorite type of projection is ascribing my own flaws to others
<Legion> shouldn't you say that's someone else's favorite then

<Radius> ah nice, almond is cognate to amygdala
<Radius> who is the queen of naboo, iirc

<Cev> I propose the wiccan model
<Cev> You can get an abortion but then some random person somewhere else in the world has to get pregnant