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Word of the Day: yok
pro. second person singular pronoun

eik, pro. first person singular pronoun.
ein, pro. first person plural pronoun
kisabbá, exp. another way to thank someone but when the person saying it is in a hurry.
lomé, adj. clear, light, bright.
mizak, v. to eat.
motipon, n. sympathetic joy; a state of being delighted with other people's well-being, with an emphasis on the romantic aspect of it.
sabbá, exp. thank you.
Seigora, n. proper noun; name of the species that inhabitates the Palulukan islands, also known as Xeikra by the Skova people, their "neighbours".
suddi, n. blue
sudyo, n. purple, combination of red and blue
sulmé, n. sky blue color
tamyo, n. orange, combination of red and yellow
tarúnta, n. rhyme, rhythm, a rhythmic pattern
tumno, n. yellow
tundi, n. green, combination of blue and yellow
vik, pro. third person singular pronoun, no gender distintion.
vin, pro. third person plural pronoun
yok, pro. second person singular pronoun
yon, pro. second person plural pronoun
yozi, n. red

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