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Word of the Day: emúr
n. sea

pappu, n. bubble
Seigora, n. proper noun; name of the species that inhabitates the Palulukan islands, also known as Xeikra by the Skova people, their "neighbours".
Sipei, n. proper noun; another name of the species that inhabitates the Palulukan islands.
Sipeikláva, n. proper noun; name of the language of the Sipei people.
asti, n. game
atindé, n. prayer
aunak, v. to tell a joke
aunú, n. joke
dai, interj. particle used to express affirmation or to confirm something
dansak, v. to regret something
eik, pro. first person singular pronoun.
ein, pro. first person plural pronoun
emúr, n. sea
esekko, n. an autoctonous animal of the Palulukan Islands; physically the same as the Pokemon Eevee
fasha, n. ruler
fe, interj. negation
fendak, v. to make
fotes, n. mind, brain
gadu, adj. happy
gaiva, n. house
geimé, n. steam; literal meaning "light fire"
geini, n. fire
helmek, v. to get high, to use drugs
kisabbá, exp. another way to thank someone but when the person saying it is in a hurry.
kláva, n. language
krevek, v. to connect
kusi, n. year
limefó, n. music
lomé, adj. clear, light, bright.
lyur, adj. real
mauvek, v. to study
mizak, v. to eat.
mo, interj. an interrogative particle put at the end of questions that can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no"
motipon, n. sympathetic joy; a state of being delighted with other people's well-being, with an emphasis on the romantic aspect of it.
sabbá, exp. thank you.
shida, adj. new, recent
shosek , v. to protect someone
shutaf, adj. shy
soru, n. horizon
soshil, n. island
suddi, n. blue
sudyo, n. purple, combination of red and blue
sulmé, n. sky blue color
tamyo, n. orange, combination of red and yellow
tarúnta, n. rhyme, rhythm, a rhythmic pattern
telsi, n. treasure
tikir, n. pain
torko, n. bird
tumno, n. yellow
tundi, n. green, combination of blue and yellow
ukrán, n. beginning
uluf, n. poison
umai, n. water
umákpo, n. sauna
vakáta, n. document
vandé, n. bond, link
vantis, n. destiny
vik, pro. third person singular pronoun, no gender distintion.
vin, pro. third person plural pronoun
vinga, n. residue
vulak, v. to speak
yok, pro. second person singular pronoun
yon, pro. second person plural pronoun
yozi, n. red
zarlo, n. city
zivé, n. calligraphy brush

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