Machina Universalis
A cosmos of many possibilities.
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Fellow traveller, welcome to the Multiverse, the very existence of all possible outcomes of everything that is possible.

To put it simply, the Universe is God, also known as the Absolute. It's everything that exists and will exist; not really a being, nor alive in a biological sense, but it certainly exists. It's its own thing, and there's nothing beyond it because there's nothing more. God, in its absolute wisdow, created the Cosmos, the physical entity ruled by its own rules, the physical laws (the ones that you barely remember, the ones that scientists almost imagine, and all the others, very exotic stuff). The Cosmos is also known as Machina Universalis, the Universal Machine, an extremely complex mechanism with at least ten dimensions that we barely understand.
    You exist within the Cosmos, it's your very place of existence; call it "home" if you want. And you better know a little more about it so you're not lost when you travel through the many futuribles and the various parallel universes that exist or may exist.

Universe. Multiverse

Let's put things straight.

There's only one Universe, just one Absolute. God is a loner. But within the physical version of the Universe, in the Cosmos, there are multiple possibilities. The Cosmos is just a multiverse, containing all the possible outcomes of itself. The multiverse implies the existence of various dimensions. Some theories theorize ten dimensions, while others put more in the list.
    Sadly, we, poor simple humans, only perceive four of all the imagined dimensions: the three space dimensions (length, width, and depth) and the time dimension. That's why we name our reality, our perception of the Cosmos, the Spacetime. We can move through the three space dimensions, but we can't move through the time dimension in the same fashion. That is, we can barely remember the past, the one we lived (and not all of it because of memory limitations), but we can't remember the future. Other beigns or entities may perceive more dimensions, but not us. Face it.

Dimensions and adjacent structures

Ah, so what about the other dimensions. Which are those? How they work? We don't know, but we can approximate how are they and what divine structures are attached to them.


The Cosmos is the physical version of the Absolute (also know as Reality or Divinity), and it was created by it from itself and, therefore, it is contained and sustained by itself. As a working complex system the Cosmos is also known as Machina Universalis, that is the Cosmos with all its physical laws and structures. The concept of 'structures' includes the dimensions and its adjacent gears.
    There are ten dimensions. The first three (1, 2, 3) are spatial (length, width, depth), and the fourth (4) is chronological (time). The combination of all four (1·2·3·4) is what we call Spacetime. Spacetime is the combination of dimensions natural to us (humans) and with which we consciously interact with our senses. For superior beings (beings interacting with the Cosmos beyond Spacetime) time isn't very different from the other three space dimensions; that means that they perceive and move through time with the same easiness we comprehend and interact with the three space dimensions.
    The lowest of dimensions is the simplest one (1), and it consists of a single space and a single being inhabiting that space: the space is the Primordial Ocean, made from the same original cosmic substance, the Naima; and the being is the Monokokkos, the only unidimensional being in the entire Cosmos.
    Certain combinations of dimensional spheres form higher realms, and they're separated from each other by the Divine Envelopes, also known as Heavenly Envelopes. Spacetime is separated from the rest of the Machina Universalis by the lowest of the Divine Envelopes, the Firmament. The dimensions beyond the Firmament are collectively known as the Ocean of Heaven (5·6·7·8·9·10). This realm is itself cut by a second Divine Envelope, the Gate of Heaven, which separates the last two dimensions, the Empyrean (9·10), from the Spiritual Realms (5·6·7·8). The Spiritual Realms are inhabited by bodyless beings: Angels and Archangels, in the Angelorum (5·6), and Seraphim, in the Seraphinorum (7·8). The Tetramorph (guarding the 9th dimension) and God-as-the-Demiurge (reigning in the 10th dimension) abode in the Empyrean, more specifically they seat in the Heavenly Throne, placed at the very center of that realm. Both God-as-the-Demiurge (or Naima) and the Tetramorph are the cosmic avatars of the Divinity or Absolute.
    Spiritual beings exist beyond the Spiritual Realms and the Ocean of Heaven, which means they can be found in Spacetime. In this case, though, they adopt physical bodies, which can be humanoid or not. They are generally considered as natural spirits (fairies, goblins...) and gods. All the dimensions that can contain spiritual beings are collectively known as the Pleroma (4·5·6·7·8·9·10).
    The Machina Universalis is separated from the Universe by the last Divine Envelope, the Hyperuranion. Beyond that point no being can exist, not even spiritual beings. The only thing existing is the Absolute.

Dimensions of the Cosmos

  1. Length The world of dots. The dimension of acupuncture and alternative medicine. This dimension is the Primordial Ocean, the basement of the Pillar of the Cosmos. This dimension only hosts one unidimensional being, the Monokokkos, without recognizable consciousness and purely individualistic, which means it can't interact with its neighbours and the rest of the Creation.
  2. Width Flatland. The dimension ruled by Victorian hierarchy and, by extension, the realm of steampunk dynamics and the Morse code. In this dimension we find the basement of the Pillar of the Cosmos. Bidimensional beings have a very limited concept of space; they're conscious beings that relate to each other but not with their environment.
  3. Depth Here things become interesting. Overweight and fat are real problems in this dimension. This is the dimension where we find the Pillars of the Cosmos, eternal slicer of souls that lies at the very center of the Cosmic Underworld. Tridimensional beings have consciousness and relate with each other and their environment, but lack the sense of time.
  4. Time The existential salad we know (the Spacetime) is complete with this dimension. Maturity, wrinkles and what comes after. This is home, this is life. This dimension (and, by extension, Spacetime) is separated from the superior dimensions by the Cosmic Firmament, one of the Divine Envelopes. Beyond this frontier the other dimensions exist in a fabric known as 'Ocean of Heaven'. This dimension is guarded by the Thirteen Monarchs.
  5. The 5th Dimension (also known as 5a Dimension) Where the notion of possible worlds arises. If you can experience this dimension you'll see a slightly alternative version of your own world. Congratulations, you've done it. And without drugs! This dimension, together with the 6th, is were the angelic beings (Angels and Archangels) abode, and this one is guarded by the Eight Angels.
  6. The 6th Dimension (aka 5b Dimension) Here we're still in the 'possible worlds' realm, but in this dimension you can experience all the possible worlds that started with our reality's same initial conditions (this is the Big Bang). In this dimension we find the Three Archangels, angelic beings of high rank.
  7. The 7th Dimension (aka 6a Dimension) Here you can access all the realities starting with different initial conditions. Also, time is experienced not in a linear way, as we do, but in a similar way as we experience space. If you can experience the 7th dimension you're seeing reality with even more depth. What a ride. This dimension is guarded by the Lower Seraphim.
  8. The 8th Dimension (aka 6b Dimension) In essence, the same as the preceding dimension, but containing all the possible realities that started with all the possible initial conditions, branching out infinitely. It's guarded by the Upper Seraphim. This dimension (and, by extension, the others below) is separated from the 9th and 10th by the Gate of Heaven, the second Divine Envelope.
  9. The 9th Dimension (aka 7a Dimension) Here, all the possible realities for you, baby. With all the starting points and initial conditions, and all the physical laws. A dimensional whore party. Here lies the Tetramorph, the Eye-that-sees-everything. This and the next dimension exist in the region known as 'Heaven of Heavens', the deepest and holiest part of the Ocean of Heaven, also known as Empyrean.
  10. The 10th Dimension (aka 7b Dimension) Where God-as-the-Demiurge resides. If you can perceive this dimension you're essentially God. This is the last dimension of the Cosmos, which is separated from the Universe by the Hyperuranion, the third Divine Envelope.

Beyond the 10th dimension the Cosmos ceases to exist and there's only the Universe.

Adjacent structures of the Cosmos

Certain cosmic structures help the Machina Univeralis running, acting as engines, while others are more like back passages.

  1. The Naima (1·2·3·4·5·6·7·8·9·10) All levels on the Machina Universalis are tied together by Naima, which is both the name of God-as-the-Demiurge and the elemental substance with which the Cosmos is constituted and tied together. According to lore this is the Primordial Substance, the basic element of the Primordial Ocean, and we perceive it as a dark brownish reddish yellow crystalline substance. Its scientific name is darkmatter.
  2. The Golden Staircase (1·2·3·4·5·6·7·8·9·10) All dimensions of the Machina Universalis are connected with each other through the Golden Staircase, which is not a staircase but a double helix ramp with the exact proportions of a golden spiral. Several halls and corridors connect the Golden Staircase with various dimensional areas of the Cosmos.
  3. The Divine Throne (9·10) A place in the Empyrean, its very center, considered to be the throne of God-as-the-Demiurge and of the Tetramorph.
  4. The Cosmic Underworld (1·2·3) The cosmic version of the Underworld (supernatural realm of the dead). A realm where the three lower dimensions (1·2·3) exist, with time not being experienced.
  5. The Pillar of the Cosmos (1·2) The cosmic basement, where the entire Machina Universalis rests. The Pillar is a bidimensional structure consisting of many planes compressed together and intersecting each other, forming what we would perceive as just one column of intense light (the Abysm that lies at the very center of the supernatural Underworld). There the souls of living beings go after death to be reincarnated.

Cosmological studies

The various dimensions are studied by a series of sciences. The 1st and 2nd dimensions (length and width) are studied, individually or collectively, by TV tertulians, politicians, and other short-minded beings, while the study of the 3rd dimension is exercised when one attacks the fridge. The collection of the first four dimensions (the spacetime) are more suffered than studied, although serious efforts are made thanks (or not) the academia. The 5th and 6th dimensions are the preferred dimensional realities of speculative fiction and many other human narratives.
    Sensational cosmology is devoted to the study of all the dimensions in the system taken as one thing. In the theoretical level, sensational cosmology hypothesizes the sensels, the elemental units of imagination with which all the other possible dimensions can be achieved or accessed.

The Machina Universalis

So what's that Machina Universalis we mentioned above? The boiling room of the Cosmos, obviously (or the Cosmos viewed as a complex divine machine), were Middle Management work. And 'Middle Management' is the collective name for all those superior (spiritual) beings that work in the cosmological theater at the orders of the Tetramorph, which is Executive Management.

Hierarchy of the Machina

With this explanation, the hierarchy is plain simple:
  1. CEO of the Cosmos God as the Demiurge. You can call it Naima.
  2. Executive Management The Tetramorph.
  3. Middle Management Seraphim, Archangels, and Angels.
  4. Junior Staff Spacetime beings.

If you're reading this in front of a computer, congratulations, you're an ordinary employee of the Cosmos!

There's one God as the Demiurge (1) and one Tetramorph (1), then there are two Upper Seraphim (2) and three Lower Seraphim (3), and there are five Archangels (5) and eight Angels (8). The Thirteen Monarchs are, in fact, 12+1, the combination of the Monarchs of the World (also known as 'Council of the Twelve') and Naima (with a ceremonial and observer status). Some scholars believe that God as the Demiurge and the Tetramorph are actually the same being with different disguises, and that together with the Absolute (the Universe) form the Holy Trinity (the Three-faced Divinity or Triad).