A Rašau Miscellany
Purporting to be a description of the regions of Rašau
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Rather severely under construction.

The Kanašu

The Kanašu Peninsula, birthplace of the Tzuman-speaking Kanaši the most successful group of nation-states on western Rašau. Primed by fierce inter-tribe, inter-city, and eventually inter-country rivalries, their ships plowed the coasts of both the Emanar Venoršanid (the Neverending Water, the vast ocean to the west of Rašau) and both around and across the Xabran Sea, the massive expanse of water beyond the Straits of Ineǰvómal, and have regular contact eastwards with the Xatsan Penisula where the Faǰau live in close proximity to the secretive Magran, the raptors who can speak.

The Xabran Sea

Alasol Valley

The Xatsan Peninsula

The Raskal

The Lakelands

Regil Coastal Plain