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The Map Thread (2015-02-02 18:39:22) :
[quote dhok, Priest, Norman, United States]Climate:

Note that Páho rotates opposite of Earth. It's also bigger, though I'm not sure by how much, still. I'm thinking a radius of 8000 to 9000km, so about one and a half times that of Earth.[/quote]

Why is there only one circulation direction for the ocean currents in each hemisphere (clockwise in the south and counterclockwise in the north)? If it’s larger than Earth, the plane...
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218 Example sentences for translation (warning: huge) (2015-01-27 14:32:01) :
[quote Nessari, Illúbequía]I can't remember where I got this from, if someone knows I'll gladly edit in a link and/or accreditation.[/quote]

They were from Gary Shannon’s website, before it went down: [url][/url]


1. The sun shines.
[b]Mirees tehras.[/b]
2. The sun is shining.
[b]Mirees kîtî tehras.[/b]
3. The sun shone.
[b]Mirezees tehras.[/b]
4. T...
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Anthologica Diplomacy -- Winter Edition (2015-01-06 21:42:36) :
[|“O my brother, Miloš Obilić!
I spied on the Turkish army,
there is a mighty army with the Turks;
if we all transformed into salt,
we could not even salt the Turks’ lunch:
here for a full fifteen days
I went among the Turkish horde,
and I found neither their end nor their count:
from Mramor to Dry Maple,
from the Maple, brother, to Sazlija,
to Sazlija at the vaulted bridge,
from the bridge to the cit...
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Help Yaali design a phoneme inventory database. (2014-12-11 10:39:37) :
[url=]Phoible[/url] might be of some use here, and it conveniently incorporates all the UPSID and SPA data.
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Grrr Thread (2014-11-24 20:33:43) :
[quote Tsar Нють, Function, /ˈajwʌ/]/əʷ/ -- My current state.[/quote]

I sympathize, having had three problem sets due today and consequently a total of one and a half hours of sleep last night... bloody Hermitian operators... mumble mumble eigenvectors...
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Maps (2014-11-18 18:53:36) :
[small]I’m sure these have to be useful... somehow...[/small]
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The Map Thread (2014-11-16 18:20:46) :
[quote dhok, Deacon, Norman, United States]What [i]would[/i] happen, climactically, to a planet that had a continent taking up the entire equatorial belt?[/quote]
I’ve been struggling to determine that myself. Presumably most of the significant differences would be due to ocean and air currents and their interactions with one another, but I think there’s a lot of room for variation depending on the given specifics.

It would definitely depend on the size of the planet and the size of...
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The Map Thread (2014-11-16 16:41:04) :
[quote Nessari]Damn, completely separate oceans? Interesting idea.[/quote]
It’s sort of an artifact of the first incarnation of the planet being mapped by a four-year-old, but it does make for some interesting ecological and geopolitical situations.

[quote Morrígan, Countess]one complaint about Potena Ğazta is that the elevation seems to increase too linearly; you'd probably benefit from flattening out the lowlands with a quicker progression up to the mountains.[/quote]
Yeah, th...
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The Map Thread (2014-11-16 13:36:40) :
My main conworld [[Potena Ğazta]], still in an unlabeled state.

([url=]full size here[/url])

Orthographic projections, western and eastern hemispheres:

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Your Worst Nooblang (2014-11-16 00:41:20) :
Qoqqkyuk seems downright usable for a first conlang, all things considered. Where’d that single geminate /k/ come from, though?

Most of my nooblang papers are back at home while I’m off at college, but (un)fortunately I have enough of one of them to produce something. So: my third conlang, Sazhere! — made at c. 12 years old with zero knowledge of linguistics, and used for a horrid fantasy novel that reads like a parody of the Silmarillion.

For the phonology, my goal was to put ...
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Scan requests (2014-11-10 22:08:35) :
[quote Cev, Novice Speaker]
[b][i]The Sumerian Language: An Introduction to its History and Grammatical Structure[/i][/b] by Marie-Louis Thomsen.[/quote]

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Phonologization Thread (2014-11-09 05:36:10) :
‹m n› /m n/
‹p b t d c dz th dr k g› /p b t d t͡s d͡z ʈ ɖ k g/
‹f v s z sh kh x h› /f v s z ʂ~ʐ x ɣ h/
‹r l› /r l/
‹a e i o u› /ɐ ɛ ɪ ɔ ʊ/
‹á é í ó ú› /a e i o u/
‹ai ia ue ao áe› /ɐj ja we ɐw aj/

/firɛt͡sar ɛtkɐj xɐzɐd nɐmo tɐbɪn ɐnɐros ɛktɔ ɛɣɔl vɐljas ɐndʊ dwerɔl urɔl mɐfnɪl ɛktɔ maɖos tɐlot͡sar sɛpte tɔlɐw unʊs tirɐlo ʊlene ɐʐɛn ɐgrome mɐktɔs dɛkrɛt ti tunɐ ɐʂ ɐlone ɛtkɐj tɔlɛt t͡sɐbɔr t͡sɐbɔtɛl ɐspɛn mɐwtɛl mɐwʈ dɐlja ɪn hɛso dalɣ ɐkɔl bile eɖɪs ɛlmɪn a ɐt͡s...
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quote quote quote "standard" unquote unquote unquote reference grammars (2014-11-09 04:51:55) :
[b]Middle Egyptian[/b]: [i]Egyptian Grammar, Being an Introduction to the Study of Hieroglyphs[/i] by Sir Alan Gardiner, 1927
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Or perhaps [url=]little through-seer[/url], going by what Galileo called it before ‹telescope› was coined.
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What are you listening to? (2014-10-29 19:34:49) :
[i]Mirie it is while sumer ilast
Wiþ fuȝeles son
Oc nu neheþ windes blast
And weder strong.
Ei, ei! What þis niȝt is long
And ich wiþ wel michel wrong
Soreȝ and murne and fast.[/i]
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I generally just translate or compose texts and create words as necessary in transit, adding derived forms as I go. I’ve always thought this approach made the most sense: you get words as you need them, you simultaneously puzzle out any uncertain syntax, you get attestations of all your words, you can incorporate cultural points of interest, and you have the beginnings of a con-literary-tradition.

Otherwise, the old standby Swadesh list and its ilk are standard points to begin from, if ...
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The Worldbuilding Questions Thread (2014-10-25 16:50:03) :
If you’re running a newer windows computer, you’d want the »Planetary Climate Sim for Win32« version linked at the very bottom of the page rather than the main version linked above it. It works on my computer from 2014, though I’ve no idea if any versions still work as far as non-Windows machines go.
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The Worldbuilding Questions Thread (2014-10-25 15:32:15) :
If it’s just climate simulations you need, I’d suggest the Planetary Climate Sim over at [url=]the Observatory[/url] might be a better place to start. Much more detailed input and output, with none of the problems mentioned above — though it is mostly intended for Earthlike planets. For Venus it still underestimates the temperature at about 100C, presumably because the only clouds it takes into account are water clouds.
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Sound Change Appliers (2014-10-23 06:42:43) :
[quote Nessari]There's multiple, multiple different numbers of tabs on various lines, sometimes multiple lines, so the table's a freaking mess. [/quote]

Before you convert to a table: Ctrl+h, click the plus sign next to “Other options”, check “Regular expressions”, search for \t\t and replace with \t. Then repeat until all tabs are single tabs.
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