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Quote Thread (2019-07-29 15:18:55) :
<Isambri> well, I saw a ufo when I was a child. I wasn't abducted, but all I saw was those little guys putting large boxes into the ufo
<Isambri> it wasn't much exciting
<Slereah> Isambri : That's how the cargo cult starts

<Tanaphor> I don't want to sound too french, but
<Tanaphor> my baguette tastes weird

<twabs> so if you fail to correctly break down a word into its component morphemes, is that a segmentation fault?

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Bugs, Requests, and Changes (2019-04-08 15:11:44) :
Something about avatars is still yborken:

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Featured Articles (Nominations, etc.) (2019-04-04 17:48:07) :
[quote Hallow XIII, 巴塞尔之子]After an eternity, I have finally updated the featured article! Still have to go find a better picture though.[/quote]

FWIW, the headline still reads "Modern Greek by twabs". You may want to edit it.
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Quote Thread (2019-01-04 17:33:25) :
Oh I appear to not have posted this one yet.

<Naima> the babbling oracle they consult, the inner workings of which are a pain in the ass with butthurt, wai wai desu  aghost
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Quote Thread (2017-12-09 05:14:26) :
<Radius> i have questioned wearing pants
<Smaug> what would you use as a substitute to hide your shame?
<guitarplayer> a sock, RHCP-style?
<Radius> i have no shame
<Slereah> the penis gourd
<Slereah> is the best choice
<Smaug> ouch
<Radius> the penis mightier than the gourd

<twabs_w_warszawie> I think I am spiritually a 16-bit windows executable
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Quote Thread (2017-09-10 11:44:26) :
[17:40] <Slereah> woops
[17:40] <Slereah> Accidentally blew up the circuit breaker
[17:41] <Legion> plz do not run a miniaturized particle accelerator in your house
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What are you listening to? (2017-08-04 16:03:42) :
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Absences (2016-11-26 14:50:40) :
[s]Seems like my connection shits itself whenever I log on to IRC recently. No idea why that could be, but I guess I might be off #isharia for a few days.[/s]

It's not the router having difficulties with the port, it seems, it's possibly more like the router losing connection to our ISP's DNS or something. EDIT: Which I hope I fixed now by provisionally putting Google's Public DNS for domain resolution in my network config.
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Quote Thread (2016-11-24 15:49:47) :
<Legion> polynesian languages have a lot of weird minimal phonologies
<Legion> <joke about island dwarfism here>
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2016-11-14 14:12:18) :
[b]Eng tahāran ijan-hen gebisanan kamo pangya?[/b]
AT.INAN have-3PL.INAN coin.TOP=all picture-P same back-LOC
'Do all coins have the same image on the back?'
owned by Jipí, last edited 2016-11-14 14:12:18.
Tloko / Omya redux (2016-11-06 14:15:44) :
[quote Hallow XIII, 巴塞尔之子]To be honest, I quite like those on their own. I don't suppose you could do up a short text so we could see how the monumental and "handwritten" forms look in use?[/quote]

owned by Jipí, last edited 2016-11-06 14:15:44.
Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2016-10-17 17:11:04) :
[b]Adareng bakayley larau-ikan, ankyu![/b]
That is some pretty nice stuff, really!
owned by Jipí, last edited 2016-10-17 17:11:41.
Vokram Speaks! (2016-10-10 13:41:21) :
Am German, can confirm!!11!ONe!!!

(pew pew)
owned by Jipí, last edited 2016-10-10 13:41:45.
Talk in a natlang, y'all (2016-09-24 15:31:01) :
[b]Et voilà j'ai pensé pour un moment que ça serait le catalan :\ [/b]
And there I thought for a moment that that'd be Catalan  :\
owned by Jipí, last edited 2016-09-24 15:31:01.
Newtimer starting a project (2016-09-01 02:32:44) :
[quote masako, Conversational Speaker]If the OP has really used the LCK, as is claimed, then IPA should already be in the mix.[/quote]
If the OP had "researched some linguistics for several years" as they claim, they'd also very well know that a post sketching out just some sounds in a haphazard manner won't do.
owned by Jipí, last edited 2016-09-01 02:33:17.
Newtimer starting a project (2016-08-30 11:32:10) :
If you want to get some serious work done, you won't get around working on a computer proper. Phones and tablets are nice and all, but they're just no good replacement. If you're stuck on your phone, you may want to try [url][/url], maybe.

And if your resources don't use IPA those are very likely not very professional resources on phonology.
owned by Jipí, last edited 2016-08-30 11:32:10.
Quote Thread (2016-08-07 16:46:03) :
<Slereah> tfw の gf
owned by Jipí, last edited 2016-08-07 16:49:08.
Featured Articles (Nominations, etc.) (2016-08-02 17:55:51) :
[quote Rhetorica, Kelatetía: Dis, Major Belt 1]Okay. Definitely time for more featured content. I must admit [[bloodbath]]'s moneys are looking pretty fetch. Any other nominations?[/quote]

Time to write a short blurb to feature something new in, say, September? The teaser on my conscript has been there for a while now, even if we're not counting the time Annie was comatose.
owned by Jipí, last edited 2016-08-02 17:55:51.
Cyrillic question/advice (2016-07-29 17:47:03) :
That cyrillic D is a neat solution, either way! Also, Rhet, from what you're describing, I thought more of something like [|this]. There, the dots are actually [i]inside[/i] the O.
owned by Jipí, last edited 2016-07-29 17:49:08.
Twabs' Grand Unified Database of Sound Changes (2016-07-22 15:11:36) :
This is very cool and I'd be happy if some nice day the whole Index Diachronica would be searchable this way. For API interoperability, you may want to make JSON output possible, I suppose. Python has Ways™ to read that.
owned by Jipí, last edited 2016-07-22 15:11:36.

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