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Quote Thread (2019-01-15 01:26:06) :
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Quote Thread (2019-01-14 15:56:54) :
[no_emote]Stop quoting yourself, dammit. There are RULES. >:|
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Quote Thread (2019-01-10 00:06:45) :
[no_emote]The manhood one is even better because it is totally unexplained -- more context:

<Isambri> Naima sweaty furry sex
<Naima> sweaty furry sex toys, they stop real fast and don't like them you will become the smallest hint of muscle. his throbbing manhood, his cock, was swollen and throbbing. “my god” he thought “this brings back memories.”
<Slereah> oh my
<Isambri> god
<Slereah> !grepfile log (?i)his throbbing manhood
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The Ojibwe Thread (2018-12-24 21:29:17) :
Update: I now do have a blog instead, located here:
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Quote Thread (2018-12-22 15:11:44) :
<@Cev> For about 5 minutes I thought maybe I wanted to learn a language
<@Cev> Then I looked at all the available books in the pile and on amazon and saw that they're of course totally unhelpful phrasebook-type pieces of shit
<@Cev> Now my demeanor has returned to its original, correct status of wanting to hurt people.

<Slereah> "'Ghostbusters 3' With Original Cast Being Written"
<Slereah> They're resurrecting Harold Ramis
<@pharazon> ...
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The Ojibwe Thread :
In this thread I plan to post whatever interesting-seeming things related to Ojibwe culture or language I feel like. (Though I may switch to using a separate blog at some point, we'll see.) So let’s get on with it.


Ojibwe[note]Pronounced /oʊˈʤɪbweɪ/ in English. Alternate but now less common spellings/forms are “Ojibwa” (originally pronounced the same as “Ojibwe” but now usually given the spelling pronunciation /oʊˈʤɪbwə/) and “Chippe...
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If your conlang were a natlang... (2018-11-28 17:42:30) :
Easy. Hikóómayíi is Arapahoan.

Its broader family is all over the place but contains branches that are Algonquian (containing Hikóómayíi), Iranian, Caddoan, Muskogean, Apachean, and American NWC, at least phonologically. (I also have IE [grammatically but not phonologically] and Austronesian families). Numbers from 1-10 in a few of them to illustrate:

Hikóómayíi: [b]wan hóobo háaθ híišfí ʔáaf póópóof čfí kóočfí čiθ hipá[/b]
Sida (Algonquian): [b]kɨn awə hoch iyəhpə ko...
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Quote Thread (2018-11-11 12:21:10) :
[no_emote]<@miekko> a friend of mine who has a masters degree in pharmaclogy
<@miekko> and you'd expect to grasp some basic things
<@miekko> figured that the planned transplantation of a head would finally prove whether the soul is in the heart or the brain
<@miekko> I mean, I find her ideas preposterous there
<@miekko> clearly the pancreas is the seat of the soul
<@miekko> this is why I am a p-zombie
<twabs> pancreas zombie
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Feasts, traditions and celebrations (2018-10-31 16:55:13) :
very spooky
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Quote Thread (2018-09-22 18:51:06) :
<Slereah> So I had a great idea for a site
<Slereah> It is called
<Slereah> I spit on ur grave
<Slereah> It's just me mocking all dead people ever
<Slereah> In chronological order
<Slereah> From early humans to modern celebrities
<@Cev> "Fuck your ass, Scorpion I!"
<Slereah> Watch out Ötzi!
<@Cev> "Oetzi, you're a fukken retard!"
<@Cev> "Bite me, Cheddar Man!"
<pthag> sounds like something m...
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2018-07-31 14:34:37) :
[b]híháá, hinyam yočííšofíí pso[/b]
wow. really lightning-[sc]much[/sc]-[sc]weather[/sc] today
Man, it's really thundering here today!
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Quote Thread (2018-07-26 15:59:31) :
<CUM_SIURAN> I'm going kayaking this weekend with some friends
<CUM_SIURAN> should be fun
<guitarplayer_> don't sink
<@Slereah> or do, if u wish
<@Slereah> the only limit is your imagination

On Elon Musk:
<Margaret> so far his rocket adventures have been pretty successful
<Margaret> and unlike his SHITTY CAR COMPANY
<Margaret> the rocket company is actually making money
<@guitarplayer> the shitty car c...
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Quote Thread (2018-05-12 15:12:46) :
[no_emote]<yng> rahmetli abim cumali kalın mevzua hiç bakmiycaksın derdi, ince mevzua bakacaksın
<@Cev> Kumali is a character in Final Fantasy X
<@Cev> right?
<@Cev> wait no he's a character in The Wind Waker
<@Cev> wait no he's a character in Hurrian mythology
<@Cev> one of those three things for sure

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Quote Thread (2018-03-22 22:22:06) :
[no_emote]<@guitarplayer> "Your Blog is have good look. Content of your blog is quite good but traffic stats are very bad. Check my free video for enhancing your traffic. h**p://activeterium.c*m/CcIY .Shoot me email from free Website Audit report." < it is sound very legit for comment
<Cevff> yeah that was me, sorry
<Cevff> I just wanted you to check out my video :(

<Slereah_work> chicken soup
<Slereah_work> I am told
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Quote Thread (2018-01-22 22:54:45) :
<@tiramisu> YaaliAnnarProxy idk about the claim that in Islam you don't poop in heaven
<@YaaliAnnarProxy> Lemme find the hadith then.
<@tiramisu> like that used to be the #1 Christian criticism of the Muslim concept of heaven
<@tiramisu> that in Islam you still go to the bathroom in heaven
<@pharazon> are you sure it wasn't the #2 criticism
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Quote Thread (2018-01-18 21:44:19) :
<yng> Lets Share FREE North East Hi there comrades, Does anyone else find London a bit damn expensive or is it just me? Im looking for a nice person to share a big room or a studio with so we can not stress so much and both enjoy our lives more, eat more veggies and go out to cute cafes sometimes, that sort of thing. I just moved over from Australia to study circus and Im 26, and all my favourite things in approximate order are: hiking and generally natu
<yng> lol
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Quote/Info Dump: Two Spirits Among Algonquians :
[h2]Men as Women[/h2]

[h3]Fr. Jacques Marquette[/h3]
JR 59: pp 128-29
[url=]Father Jacques Marquette[/url] was an important early Jesuit missionary to New France. He was apparently the first(?) observer to mention the two-spirit custom in New France, describing it among the Illinois and Sioux in 1674:
[quote]Je ne scais par quelle superstition quelques Ilinois, aussi bien que quelques Nadoüessi, estant encor jeunes prennent l'ha...
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Quote Thread (2017-10-18 23:33:46) :
<@vlad> man
<@vlad> mainstream australian views on aborigines
<Cev> You can probably replace "mainstream australian" with "mainstream Anglosphere"
<@vlad> does the mainstream anglosphere even know what aborigines are
<Cev> Yeah
<Cev> They sit in the desert half-naked blowing in didgeridoos and talking about the dreamtime
<@pharazon> aborigines are born 70 years old
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Quote Thread (2017-09-12 23:45:49) :
<@Legion> I remember this tagline from the "Hard-sci movie plots" twitter
<@Legion> "An alien spacecraft collides with Earth at relativistic speed; Earth is instantly destroyed."
<Cevf> I get a feeling lots of these end with "Earth is instantly destroyed"
<Cevf> "Earth is hit with a direct beam from a gamma ray burst; Earth is instantly destroyed"
<Cevf> "The frontier of quantum vacuum collapse approaches at the speed of light; Earth i...
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Quote Thread (2017-07-28 14:16:15) :
<@guitarplayer> i guess the authors really disliked the imbalance bewteen having a single grapheme, ß, opposing a compound grapheme, SS
<Slereah> Germany stopped using SS because those letters brought back poor memories
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