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Newtlang incubator (NP: glot-taolic theory) (2017-04-21 14:57:18) :
Okay so let's finally talk about Proto-Taol.

The linguists at Chásur reconstruct Proto-Taol something like this:

p  t  kʲ  k
ˀp  ˀt  ˀkʲ  ˀk
pʰ  tʰ  kʲʰ  kʰ
f?  s  ʃ    h

n l r ʁ

i  e  a  ɑ  o  u
ī  ē  ā  ɑ̄  ō  ū
î? ê  â  ɑ̂? ô  û?

The existence of *f is uncertain; it is la...
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Featured Articles (Nominations, etc.) (2017-04-14 15:29:08) :
It may at least worth be putting the Heterodoxy series in its entirety into the reference section (annie has a reference section? what?)
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Bugs, Requests, and Changes (2017-03-15 12:09:17) :
If I search for forum posts owned by me containing, say, "one", I get

which returns not only forum posts but also dictionary entries and maybe other things.

More pressingly, the "ex foris" link gives me everything on the forum:

Adding author_restrict=1 g...
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Bugs, Requests, and Changes (2017-03-14 15:37:58) :
I think you said you fixed searching but it's still not quite fixed, seems to need the author_restrict=1&group_restrict=1 parameters to work right.

also, if you care, the ellipses in the search results are added unconditionally
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Conpoetry Thread (2017-02-13 21:19:55) :
hello I have constructed some poetry

εἰς ἄκρον περ ὄρος βραδέως τε μόγις τ' ἀναβαίνων
    γῆν ἀποπίπτουσαν ἔκ μεο θηέομαι

edit: made it better (and probably ruined ser's poem in relation to mine, sorry ser)
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Flags (2017-02-20 12:24:21) :
[quote Izambri, Duke, the Findible League][center][i]Coat of arms of Anthologica[/i][/center][/quote]

I mentioned this on IRC but I would recommend putting a dot before the CA (as in so that you get an even number of characters and it lines up nicely.
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Newtlang incubator (NP: glot-taolic theory) (2017-02-14 20:12:40) :
Láadan is actually a pretty language (fight me), so I am going to make a derivative out of it.

It does have some nooblang problems which will need to be retconned, however. I feel like the phonology honestly doesn't have to be one of these—it's weird, but I feel like it's kind of plausibly weird.

A thing which does to be retconned is the noobish phenomenon (which really needs a name) of forming a group of related words with by changing only one phoneme—e.g. the evidentials [b]w...
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Quote Thread (2017-02-09 15:07:51) :
<guitarplayer> plz, Hose and Jeans are singulars nowadays
<guitarplayer> not pluralia tantum
<guitarplayer> die Jeans, die Jeans, der Jeans, der Jeans
<H13>  [style:color:00ff00]> der Jeans[/style]
<guitarplayer> die Jeans, die Jeans, den Jeans, der Jeans
<guitarplayer> NOM, ACC, DAT, GEN
<guitarplayer> SG
<guitarplayer> PL
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Conpoetry Thread (2017-02-08 15:23:10) :
[quote Rhetorica, Kelatetía: Dis, Major Belt 1]Five notes repeated thirteen times? Please tell me Sinemi civilization was obliterated by someone else achieving a cultural victory. I'm digging the imagery, Matrix, but the musical setting deserves to be sunk to the bottom of the ocean. ... At least twice. I also think you may have tortured syllable stress a bit too much to fit your verse; assuming the macrons indicate stress, those words simply don't fit that rhythm very well. (Of course, no one's...
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i'm glad is back (2017-02-04 16:28:03) :
why does that kitten have three legs
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2017-02-02 15:26:40) :
[b]ο επιτονς Ερρομα̨ϊψς, ϝηε[plus]topic marking isn't obligatory here[/plus] Ηομερος > Μερς ιττα̨'κ, α'ς σηυγκοπα ιν ο̨ς ερραπ μα̨ επ τα αλλονυμ, ϝηε α̨ντ Ηομερς ιττα̨[/b]
[g M.NOM.SG]o[/g] [g stress]epitons[/g] [g Latinize-AOR-3SG]Erromäïks,[/g] [g 3SG.NOM]whe[/g] [g Homeros > Mers]Homeros > Mers[/g] [g be-3SG=IRR]ittä'k,[/g] [g F.NOM.SG=TOP]a's[/g] [g syncope]shunkopa[/g] [g in]in[/g] [g reality]ös[/g] [g affect-AOR.3SG]errap[/g] [g not]mä[/g] [g on]ep[/g] [g N.ACC.PL]ta[/g] [g pr...
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2017-02-03 00:40:24) :
[b]μα̨, ϝηε επ μονα ιττα̨ α σηυντομα α ηομοφιλς· ιογ'ς τον Ισαμπρι ϝεϝυμπικ σε το απραμμ[/b]
[g no]mä,[/g] [g 3SG.NOM]whe[/g] [g on]ep[/g] [g expect.VN]mona[/g] [g be.3SG]ittä[/g] [g F.NOM.SG]a[/g] [g shorten.VN]shuntoma[/g] [g F.NOM.SG]a[/g] [g im]homofils;[/g] [g 1SG=TOP]ioŋ's[/g] [g M.ACC.SG]ton[/g] [g Izambri]Isampri[/g] [g snark_at-PERF-1SG]wewupik[/g] [g just]se[/g] [g N.GEN.SG]to[/g] [g flippancy]apramm[/g]

no, it is, as you would expect, shortened from ηομοφιλς; I was just s...
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Newtlang incubator (NP: glot-taolic theory) (2017-02-01 17:18:18) :
the answer to both questions is "I'm not an elf"
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2017-02-01 16:19:41) :
[b]μο̨ρισς το ετμον το «ηομς»[/b]
möriss to etmon to «homs»

guess the etymology of "gay"
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2017-01-31 23:28:08) :
[b]ιογ ηομς μμα̨[/b]
ioŋ homs mmä

im gay
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Newtlang incubator (NP: glot-taolic theory) (2017-01-31 12:28:04) :
j is /j/

honestly in general using <j> as a fricative is against my aesthetic.

okaja, o, otges, otcīt, otćâ, otcīph, opedêr, opedīt, opepâ, openpēh

macron and circumflex are original and secondary length; the latter is from contraction and the former is from some sort of stress-based lengthening (considering *okʷdipah and *okʷədipah or something, say stress is on the second syllable?)
owned by twabs, last edited 2017-01-31 12:41:49.
Newtlang incubator (NP: glot-taolic theory) (2017-01-29 00:00:23) :
absolutely not; my aesthetic sense is impeccable

(maybe c ć... hmm, I'll need to think about this. having both vowel and consonant diacritics tends to be a bad combination)
owned by twabs, last edited 2017-01-29 00:00:23.
Newtlang incubator (NP: glot-taolic theory) (2017-01-27 16:25:50) :
okaja is infinitive. o is probably imperative.
otges is imperfective present. In the past otʝīt is used.
otʝīt is habitual present. opədīt is habitual past.
otɕa is perfective present. opəpâ is perfective past.
otʝīph is hortatitve present.
opənpēh is whatever the 'should have' mood is called; usually past but sometimes present.
opədêr is optative.

The language is either Low Tavarian or High Tavarian. I'm not sure which. My intuition says Low, but I want to plac...
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If your conlang were a natlang... (2017-01-27 16:20:19) :
Weyötiss is kind of shit German with some Korean.

Elmin is also shit Korean but in a different way.

The *fruit family is shit Polynesian or something. The Taol family is... Germanic I guess?

I want to make a shit Niger-Congo (probably Dogon) but I need to find a good source language.
owned by twabs, last edited 2017-01-27 16:20:20.
Translat-o-matic (2017-01-18 22:27:46) :
Here is several of the above in Weyötiss, and also a new one.
[b]Ο ορανς τα ανα̨ριθμον ϝερρον εͱεν ανθροποτροφον.
Το̨'ς ανθροπς υ̨τ εψον επ αθο̨ οραναμο̨ϝον.
Θεν. Θεν. Θεν. Θεν. Θεν. Θεν. Θεν.[/b]
[g M.NOM.SG]O[/g] [g heaven]orans[/g] [g N.ACC.PL]ta[/g] [g not-countable-N]an-ärithm-on[/g] [g thing]werron[/g] [g have.AOR-3SG]eyen[/g] [g man-rearing-N]anthropo-troph-on[/g]
[g M.NOM.PL=TOP]Tö's[/g] [g man]anthrops[/g] [g nothing]üt[/g] [g have.AOR-3PL]ekh-on[/g] [g on]ep[/g] [g ...
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