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Quote Thread (2017-07-05 21:54:35) :

[00:56:01] <tiramisu> birthday gay orgy at Radius' glass house
[00:56:13] <Radius> but i don't have a glass house :(
[00:56:27] <Radius> if you give me a few months i might be able to manage a grass house
[00:57:02] <tiramisu> :/
[00:58:03] <Radius> my recent experimentation in graminaceous textiles notwithstanding, i forget where i was going with this sentence
[00:58:50] <pharazon> once you hit 'graminaceous' there's no need f...
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Quote Thread (2017-06-20 01:57:25) :
<Radius> those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw... PICK ONE: a) rocks b) gay orgies c) up
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VEGETAL (2017-06-10 01:30:51) :
the language is [[Weyötiss]]

things to note:

panel 1: The correct word is αρμμο (i.e. αρμ=μο food=1SG). Literal translation "what is becoming of my foond".

panel 2: Correctly spelled φομμτο'ν (i.e. φομμ-το-'ν steak=2SG=PROX). The word ΑΛΑΧ should be ΑΛΑΧΝΟΝ (i.e. α-λαχν-ον without-vegetable-N). Literal translation "your steank here VEGETALLESS you thus ordered sir"

panel 3: To translate the weirdness that the English ...
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Quote Thread (2017-06-08 22:53:04) :
[21:51:21] <CUM_SIURAN> I'm against the political implications of hijab-wearing, but I can't deny that girls in them look super-cute
[21:52:09] <CUM_SIURAN> it's like if there was a really hot girl who wore a skimpy bikini that read "free speech is racist" or something like that
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Quote Thread (2017-05-30 20:01:02) :
<Cev> Wanna go gang thuggin' with me?
<pharazon> hello
<Cev> you know, we can drive down some neighborhood like East Los Angeles or Compton
<Cev> listening to 90s gangsta rap hip hop loudly
<Cev> Possibly shoot people
<pharazon> i just got back from that :\
<Cev> ah ok
<Cev> Wanna knit instead then?

<Legion> what's the imgur for txt again
<Legion> pastbin
<Legion> thanks Legion
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Newtlang incubator (NP: glot-taolic theory) (2017-04-21 14:57:18) :
Okay so let's finally talk about Proto-Taol.

The linguists at Chásur reconstruct Proto-Taol something like this:

p  t  kʲ  k
ˀp  ˀt  ˀkʲ  ˀk
pʰ  tʰ  kʲʰ  kʰ
f?  s  ʃ    h

n l r ʁ

i  e  a  ɑ  o  u
ī  ē  ā  ɑ̄  ō  ū
î? ê  â  ɑ̂? ô  û?

The existence of *f is uncertain; it is la...
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Featured Articles (Nominations, etc.) (2017-04-14 15:29:08) :
It may at least worth be putting the Heterodoxy series in its entirety into the reference section (annie has a reference section? what?)
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Bugs, Requests, and Changes (2017-03-15 12:09:17) :
If I search for forum posts owned by me containing, say, "one", I get

which returns not only forum posts but also dictionary entries and maybe other things.

More pressingly, the "ex foris" link gives me everything on the forum:

Adding author_restrict=1 g...
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Bugs, Requests, and Changes (2017-03-14 15:37:58) :
I think you said you fixed searching but it's still not quite fixed, seems to need the author_restrict=1&group_restrict=1 parameters to work right.

also, if you care, the ellipses in the search results are added unconditionally
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Conpoetry Thread (2017-02-13 21:19:55) :
hello I have constructed some poetry

εἰς ἄκρον περ ὄρος βραδέως τε μόγις τ' ἀναβαίνων
    γῆν ἀποπίπτουσαν ἔκ μεο θηέομαι

edit: made it better (and probably ruined ser's poem in relation to mine, sorry ser)
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Flags (2017-02-20 12:24:21) :
[quote Izambri, Duke, the Findible League][center][i]Coat of arms of Anthologica[/i][/center][/quote]

I mentioned this on IRC but I would recommend putting a dot before the CA (as in so that you get an even number of characters and it lines up nicely.
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Newtlang incubator (NP: glot-taolic theory) (2017-02-14 20:12:40) :
Láadan is actually a pretty language (fight me), so I am going to make a derivative out of it.

It does have some nooblang problems which will need to be retconned, however. I feel like the phonology honestly doesn't have to be one of these—it's weird, but I feel like it's kind of plausibly weird.

A thing which does to be retconned is the noobish phenomenon (which really needs a name) of forming a group of related words with by changing only one phoneme—e.g. the evidentials [b]w...
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Quote Thread (2017-02-09 15:07:51) :
<guitarplayer> plz, Hose and Jeans are singulars nowadays
<guitarplayer> not pluralia tantum
<guitarplayer> die Jeans, die Jeans, der Jeans, der Jeans
<H13>  [style:color:00ff00]> der Jeans[/style]
<guitarplayer> die Jeans, die Jeans, den Jeans, der Jeans
<guitarplayer> NOM, ACC, DAT, GEN
<guitarplayer> SG
<guitarplayer> PL
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Conpoetry Thread (2017-02-08 15:23:10) :
[quote Rhetorica, Kelatetía: Dis, Major Belt 1]Five notes repeated thirteen times? Please tell me Sinemi civilization was obliterated by someone else achieving a cultural victory. I'm digging the imagery, Matrix, but the musical setting deserves to be sunk to the bottom of the ocean. ... At least twice. I also think you may have tortured syllable stress a bit too much to fit your verse; assuming the macrons indicate stress, those words simply don't fit that rhythm very well. (Of course, no one's...
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i'm glad is back (2017-02-04 16:28:03) :
why does that kitten have three legs
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2017-02-02 15:26:40) :
[b]ο επιτονς Ερρομα̨ϊψς, ϝηε[plus]topic marking isn't obligatory here[/plus] Ηομερος > Μερς ιττα̨'κ, α'ς σηυγκοπα ιν ο̨ς ερραπ μα̨ επ τα αλλονυμ, ϝηε α̨ντ Ηομερς ιττα̨[/b]
[g M.NOM.SG]o[/g] [g stress]epitons[/g] [g Latinize-AOR-3SG]Erromäïks,[/g] [g 3SG.NOM]whe[/g] [g Homeros > Mers]Homeros > Mers[/g] [g be-3SG=IRR]ittä'k,[/g] [g F.NOM.SG=TOP]a's[/g] [g syncope]shunkopa[/g] [g in]in[/g] [g reality]ös[/g] [g affect-AOR.3SG]errap[/g] [g not]mä[/g] [g on]ep[/g] [g N.ACC.PL]ta[/g] [g pr...
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2017-02-03 00:40:24) :
[b]μα̨, ϝηε επ μονα ιττα̨ α σηυντομα α ηομοφιλς· ιογ'ς τον Ισαμπρι ϝεϝυμπικ σε το απραμμ[/b]
[g no]mä,[/g] [g 3SG.NOM]whe[/g] [g on]ep[/g] [g expect.VN]mona[/g] [g be.3SG]ittä[/g] [g F.NOM.SG]a[/g] [g shorten.VN]shuntoma[/g] [g F.NOM.SG]a[/g] [g im]homofils;[/g] [g 1SG=TOP]ioŋ's[/g] [g M.ACC.SG]ton[/g] [g Izambri]Isampri[/g] [g snark_at-PERF-1SG]wewupik[/g] [g just]se[/g] [g N.GEN.SG]to[/g] [g flippancy]apramm[/g]

no, it is, as you would expect, shortened from ηομοφιλς; I was just s...
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Newtlang incubator (NP: glot-taolic theory) (2017-02-01 17:18:18) :
the answer to both questions is "I'm not an elf"
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2017-02-01 16:19:41) :
[b]μο̨ρισς το ετμον το «ηομς»[/b]
möriss to etmon to «homs»

guess the etymology of "gay"
owned by twabs, last edited 2017-02-01 16:19:41.
Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2017-01-31 23:28:08) :
[b]ιογ ηομς μμα̨[/b]
ioŋ homs mmä

im gay
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