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Quote Thread (2019-01-30 00:34:53) :
<Mishael> first thing I thought of was salah'idin al ayyubi.
<ayyub> yes that is my brother
<ayyub> i am very old you see

-*- Cev injects

<CUM_SIURAN> anything chinese people can do, americans can do too
-*- CUM_SIURAN smokes opium

<Izambri> I need a word for "mucus" or a set of letters that yell such concept.
<Slereah> Snrrrt

<Play> "i bought 330000000000000000000000...
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Quote Thread (2018-08-05 01:02:01) :
<Cev> I haven't looked into it but I have the sneaking suspicion that this is just like those "kids wear X-colored bracelets to signal to other students they're DTF"
<Cev> i.e. invented
<twabs> what is dtf
<Cev> down to fuck
<Cev> I think
<twabs> o
<Cev> or maybe dying to fuck?
<Cev> determined to fuck
<Cev> destined toward fornication

<Ser> thus speaks the Church, on the final day God shall open...
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2018-02-25 13:05:37) :
[quote Izambri, Duke, the Findible League][b]Is maidagi nassort deu gis ners da. Da èu gui jan.[/b]
The last post was writen six months ago. That is half a year.

[b]Adà ras tus èu guelh.[/b]
That is no more true.[/quote]

[b]α'ς ανθολογικα νεκς ιττα̨ λολ[/b]
[i]a's antholoŋika neks ittä lol[/b]
anthologica is dead lol
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Translat-o-matic (2017-01-18 22:27:46) :
Here is several of the above in Weyötiss, and also a new one.
[b]Ο ορανς τα ανα̨ρθομον ϝερρον ͱεν ανθροποτροφον.
Το̨'ς ανθροπς υ̨τ εψον επ αθο̨ ορανμο̨ϝον.
Θεν. Θεν. Θεν. Θεν. Θεν. Θεν. Θεν.[/b]
[g M.NOM.SG]O[/g] [g heaven]orans[/g] [g N.ACC.PL]ta[/g] [g not-countable-N]an-ärthom-on[/g] [g thing]werron[/g] [g have.AOR-3SG]yen-Ø[/g] [g man-rearing-N]anthropo-troph-on[/g]
[g M.NOM.PL=TOP]Tö's[/g] [g man]anthrops[/g] [g nothing]üt[/g] [g have.AOR-3PL]ekh-on[/g] [g on]ep[/g] [g g...
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Quote Thread (2018-01-26 17:16:25) :
<Ser> try not to have a racist joke in the screenshot though
<Cev> like that jews control the banks
<Whimemsz> that's no joke

mschat best chat
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Quote Thread (2017-12-13 23:23:55) :
<tiramisu> I get them sometimes too, actually. I fell for one of those ads several years back that was like 'Just fill out this survey, to gain access to this anti-Obama documentary!'
<tiramisu> But I was smart and put in an absurdly fake name

<Cev> whimsz what shape were ojibwe houses?
<CUM_SIURAN> ojibwe-shaped

<pharazon> don't you think chinese emperors shocked people all the time because they knew they could
<Cev> Yeah but the...
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Quote Thread (2017-10-15 13:16:54) :
<Seraphinus> at the Spanish conversation group that I go to, a met a Russian guy in his early 20s (who speaks really good Spanish, entirely self-taught)
<Seraphinus> he was telling that at the public school he went to he was taught almost nothing of Soviet history
<Seraphinus> telling me that*
<kaakitwitaasota> unsurprising, really
<kaakitwitaasota> i keep trying to find Robert Conquest in bookstores here and I don't think there's a single copy of th...
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Quote Thread (2017-10-05 00:32:01) :
<pharazon> we don't fight here, friend
<pharazon> we resolve our differences by filk
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Quote Thread (2015-10-20 18:10:02) :
[19:06:30] <pthagnar> as it is, the LORD sends angels to remind me that people are asleep at this time in the morning
[19:06:33] <pthagnar> and to be patient

[21:47:36] <thetha> my mom is 100% anthropomorphic

[23:07:15] <Zayk>  but have you ever met homosexuals?
[23:07:21] <Zayk> they don't last very long before becoming sexuals

[16:24:22] <thetha> you don't just have vaginas running around by themselves

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Quote Thread (2015-01-15 22:09:54) :
Maybe some of these will be funny.
[tt][17:01:32] <dhok> does anyone know where I can buy cat hair in bulk

[21:19:48] <dhok> my only real episode of sexual experimentation in college thus far
[21:19:54] <dhok> involved my roommate's girlfriend's boobs
[21:20:45] <dhok> i felt and still feel quite guilty about the incident, it was sleazy
[21:20:48] <Zayk> does this include porn?
[21:21:02] <dhok> no, it involves me being dared to fo...
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Quote Thread (2017-09-21 01:39:38) :
<twabs> is animal husbandry outlawed in islam
<YaaliAnnar> I'm pretty sure having an animal husband is a ground for capital punishment.
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Quote Thread (2017-09-19 14:45:36) :
<twabs_> less grandiose but more interesting forename which a peer of mine has: Loyal
<twabs_> this is odd because it seems to be a virtue name but it's an adjective
<kaakitwitaasota> ah yeah virtue names
<kaakitwitaasota> i'm naming my daughter Noblesse Oblige Nilsen
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Quote Thread (2017-08-23 01:03:19) :
[00:01:50] <vlad> man in um
[00:01:55] <vlad> what's that book
[00:01:59] <Cevf> the Bible
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Quote Thread (2017-07-05 21:54:35) :

[00:56:01] <tiramisu> birthday gay orgy at Radius' glass house
[00:56:13] <Radius> but i don't have a glass house :(
[00:56:27] <Radius> if you give me a few months i might be able to manage a grass house
[00:57:02] <tiramisu> :/
[00:58:03] <Radius> my recent experimentation in graminaceous textiles notwithstanding, i forget where i was going with this sentence
[00:58:50] <pharazon> once you hit 'graminaceous' there's no need f...
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Quote Thread (2017-06-20 01:57:25) :
<Radius> those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw... PICK ONE: a) rocks b) gay orgies c) up
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VEGETAL (2017-06-10 01:30:51) :
the language is [[Weyötiss]]

things to note:

panel 1: The correct word is αρμμο (i.e. αρμ=μο food=1SG). Literal translation "what is becoming of my foond".

panel 2: Correctly spelled φομμτο'ν (i.e. φομμ-το-'ν steak=2SG=PROX). The word ΑΛΑΧ should be ΑΛΑΧΝΟΝ (i.e. α-λαχν-ον without-vegetable-N). Literal translation "your steank here VEGETALLESS you thus ordered sir"

panel 3: To translate the weirdness that the English ...
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Quote Thread (2017-06-08 22:53:04) :
[21:51:21] <CUM_SIURAN> I'm against the political implications of hijab-wearing, but I can't deny that girls in them look super-cute
[21:52:09] <CUM_SIURAN> it's like if there was a really hot girl who wore a skimpy bikini that read "free speech is racist" or something like that
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Quote Thread (2017-05-30 20:01:02) :
<Cev> Wanna go gang thuggin' with me?
<pharazon> hello
<Cev> you know, we can drive down some neighborhood like East Los Angeles or Compton
<Cev> listening to 90s gangsta rap hip hop loudly
<Cev> Possibly shoot people
<pharazon> i just got back from that :\
<Cev> ah ok
<Cev> Wanna knit instead then?

<Legion> what's the imgur for txt again
<Legion> pastbin
<Legion> thanks Legion
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Newtlang incubator (NP: glot-taolic theory) (2017-04-21 14:57:18) :
Okay so let's finally talk about Proto-Taol.

The linguists at Chásur reconstruct Proto-Taol something like this:

p  t  kʲ  k
ˀp  ˀt  ˀkʲ  ˀk
pʰ  tʰ  kʲʰ  kʰ
f?  s  ʃ    h

n l r ʁ

i  e  a  ɑ  o  u
ī  ē  ā  ɑ̄  ō  ū
î? ê  â  ɑ̂? ô  û?

The existence of *f is uncertain; it is la...
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Featured Articles (Nominations, etc.) (2017-04-14 15:29:08) :
It may at least worth be putting the Heterodoxy series in its entirety into the reference section (annie has a reference section? what?)
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