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Absences (2018-04-30 16:00:39) :
back, bitches
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Tl'acho (2017-08-10 23:10:30) :
Inventory dump: [url][/url]

Hopefully this'll make translating easier.
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Tl'acho (2017-07-03 02:56:01) :
Here's a couple more examples. Despite the intriguingly named "ram-ship", I really haven't done anything interesting on the conworlding side. But hopefully that'll change, soon enough...

[g ram-ship]/kalh-[/g] [g make]dzo=[/g] [g past]e^,[/g] [g 1Sg.A]gi-[/g] [g]s/[/g]
"I built a ram-ship"

- /kalh/ "ram-ship" is an incorporated object; with /kalh/, the verb root /dzo/ "make" takes on the more specific meaning "build". ...
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Hikoomayii Story (NOW WITH COMMENTARY!) (2017-06-08 22:59:15) :
Just have to say that this is a clearer, more concise description of switch reference than I've seen in a lot of natlang grammars.
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Featured Articles (Nominations, etc.) (2017-05-25 16:49:40) :
i third hikoomayii
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Hikoomayii Story (2017-05-16 02:13:54) :
Excellent! It definitely looks like a North American indigenous language, but not of either of the families I'm more familiar with (Penutian and Muskogean). I like the suffixes that simultaneously express subject person and number, (ir)realis, and (im)perfective. The main thing I'm wondering right now is what the difference is between acute accent and superscript 'H' in the URs.
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H13lang Scratchpad (2017-05-03 02:20:16) :
i'm trying to wrap my head around the "fixed temporal reference" thing. does "no fixed temporal reference" mean the speaker isn't asserting past/present/future, or just that they aren't asserting a specific time interval/point in particular? if it's the former, it doesn't seem very useful, most just for generic or habitual statements. if it's the latter, then it seems like you could use it more widely. but even in that situation, doesn't it mean that if you use a definite time adverbial, like "t...
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Newtlang incubator (NP: glot-taolic theory) (2017-05-03 02:08:43) :
The linguists at Chásur reconstruct Proto-Taol something like this:

p  t  kʲ  k
ˀp  ˀt  ˀkʲ  ˀk
pʰ  tʰ  kʲʰ  kʰ
f?  s  ʃ    h

n l r ʁ

i  e  a  ɑ  o  u
ī  ē  ā  ɑ̄  ō  ū
î? ê  â  ɑ̂? ô  û?
looks neat!

[quote]The existence of *f is uncertain; it is largely ...
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Absences (2017-05-03 01:30:18) :
[quote Hallow XIII, 巴塞尔之子][quote kodé, Deacon, this fucking hole we call LA]dissertation's done! also: alive.[/quote]

ah yeah that explains why you suddenly have time to twitter
welcome back among the living, doctor[/quote]

yep! and to irc, and to annie. although i'm sure there's something else i have to be doing.
technically i still have to defend it and not fuck up whatever administrative hoops i have to jump through. but that should be easy enough.

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Absences (2017-05-01 04:14:12) :
dissertation's done! also: alive.
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Absences (2017-04-30 02:17:42) :
my dissertation's due tomorrow. after that, maybe occasional anthologica-ing?
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Tl'acho (2017-03-28 00:33:23) :
june 16th, on your local ABC affiliate, almost certainly at 7 pm.
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2017-03-12 20:04:15) :
[quote Izambri, Duke, the Findible League][b]fucmi[/b][/quote]

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Tl'acho (2017-03-12 01:23:04) :
i can't disclose any winnings, but i *can* say i had a whole bunch of fun! i think you're right about game shows outside of home markets, so you'll have to wait for a pirated version. not that i'm providing one, since i don't want to jeopardize any winnings, if there be any ;)
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Tl'acho (2017-03-05 19:14:14) :
well ... so i made an appearance on Jeopardy! (the famed US game show with the erstwhile mustachioed canadian host) last week, and alex trebek asked about my hobby of language creation, so i told him about tl'acho, and made up the word [gich'aatse]. the episode airs june 16th, though i think it's only aired in the US and maybe Canada.
owned by kodé, last edited 2017-03-05 19:14:15.
Tl'acho (2017-03-05 01:44:08) :
i made this one up on the spot for a tv interview. therefore no gloss or etymology... yet. i'll back-form one, i promise!
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Tl'acho (2017-03-01 02:48:32) :
NEW WORD: [gich'aatse] "hello"
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Tl'acho :
Well, it's been freaking YEARS since I've posted anything on a conlang I've worked on, so here goes. Tl'acho is a vaguely North American language, with bits taken from Penutian, Algonquian, Muskogean, and others. I've been working on a grammatical sketch forever, but I think it might be more interesting and perhaps clearer if I introduced Tl'acho through examples. So, here goes (NB: I'll probably fuck up the glossing tags at first. Bear with!):

[g 3.Sg.O]/d-[/g][g sleep](e)nitl=[/g][g n...
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Tl'acho (2017-02-25 01:31:58) :
in a word: YES. caveat: my dissertation needs to be finished in one month. :O so maybe in just over a month?
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i'm glad is back (2017-02-04 01:59:54) :
Am I saving a kitten right meow?
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