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Newtimer starting a project (2016-08-30 10:46:57) :
I have no way to use it. I am on my phone only, that means I'm stuck with the letters on the keyboard. Might help if I get a resource that uses it, but until then, it is very low priority since I literally can't use it, and my current resources don't use it.

I guess though I should clarify that in the above, I'm using the letters as for the american sounds mostly.
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Newtimer starting a project :
Overmare Studios is creating a game for Fallout Equestria.

I've used the language construction kit and researched some linguistics for several years, though I mostly created small phrase sets or ciphers.

I figure on trying to make a full language for the zebra empire and submit it for Overmare Studios to use in their game.

If that goes well, I'd like to develop this idea I've had for a while, which is to create a writing system, either for english or a new language, th...
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