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Featured Articles (Nominations, etc.) (2017-05-23 09:58:37) :
That might be a good idea. In the meantime, the Hikoomayii story happened, which, since we take ages here for anything anyway, could be moved to its own page somewhere and made the featured creation. I think we can all agree that it deserves to be that at some point.
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H13lang Scratchpad (2017-05-04 15:50:48) :
It's the latter. As for which form to use with a definite time adverbial, I think that without any other temporal constructs in the same clause, either goes, simply because non-fixed reference forms are -- hence the name -- unmarked for time. So if I say:
[g this]oro[/g][g -LOC]-wag̃o[/g] [g yesterday]buwa[/g] [g hole]jabsu[/g] [g be]uru[/g][g -AOR]-∅[/g][g -3s]-g̃[/g]
it can't really mean anything other than "there was a hole here yesterday". The same thing goes for the ~past~, of cours...
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Absences (2017-05-02 11:37:35) :
[quote kodé, Deacon, this fucking hole we call LA]dissertation's done! also: alive.[/quote]

ah yeah that explains why you suddenly have time to twitter
welcome back among the living, doctor
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Absences (2017-04-30 20:30:44) :
very alive
let not the lack of activity convince you that the userbase does not exist
owned by Hallow XIII, last edited 2017-04-30 20:30:44.
Old Inggirian Verbal Morphology (Part 1) :
(crosspost from my universe, boo)

The inflectional verbal morphology of Old Inggirian divides itself, albeit not neatly, into three sets of forms: bound forms, nominal forms and finite forms. Finite forms are those forms that carry personal marking, and nominal forms are those which may head the body of a relative clause. The finite forms, apart from being the only ones to carry personal marking, may only appear at the end of a sentence or clause. The nominal forms, although frequently ...
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Featured Articles (Nominations, etc.) (2017-04-14 15:13:37) :
I think it is again time to look for something else to put on the front page! Current strong contender is Comrade Twabs' [|entry] into the Heterodoxy Series of conlanging advice, which gets my vote. However, since his work has graced the front page for several months already, alternatives are of course very solicited.
owned by Hallow XIII, last edited 2017-04-14 15:13:37.
Flags (2017-02-17 19:39:55) :
I dig this
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Conpoetry Thread (2017-02-13 14:19:26) :
some more "poetry" of questionable metricity, but it's An Text in... Old Inggirian? I need some better name for this thing. Anyway.

[tr][td]Hear[td] Pegerin
[tr][td]The bravery of the soldiers [td]Torokuwag̃ naraguwag̃
[tr][td]Who fought [td]Toroku jirireg̃
[tr][td]For the bearer of a crown [td]Gapurwag̃ dusarummat
[tr][td]That should no longer rule [td]Gapur nija ga cirgeneg̃
[tr][td]For the honor of a people [td]Temulwag̃ pi bed...
owned by Hallow XIII, last edited 2017-02-13 19:22:27.
Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2017-02-02 20:21:05) :
Feram kumimîth ku rhûn ittsak "homs" "homoios" anjind tûm kare?
[g thus]feram[/g] [g ask]kumimi[/g][g -IRR]-i[/g][g 2s.SBJV]-th[/g] [g if]ku[/g] [g ancestry]rhûn[/g] [g DEF-]it-[/g][g word]tsak[/g] [g "homs"]"homs"[/g] [g "homoios"]"homoios"[/g] [g be]ang-[/g][g -IRR]-i[/g][g -3s.SBJV]-nd[/g] [g NEG]tûm[/g] [g ASSUMP]kare[/g]
If you're asking like that I assume it's not "homoios".

i have no idea what to do about this lang
owned by Hallow XIII, last edited 2017-02-02 20:21:05.
Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2017-01-29 20:10:11) :
[b]Churivô ndhey pôstena kârtêpi! Thanna tûm shinê kangevô yom thanena nhôl shindêvu.[/b]
/tʃuriβoː ndðej poːstena kaːrtepi | θanːa tuːm ʃineː kaŋgeβoː jom θanena n̥oːl ʃindeːβu/
[tt]chur-i-vô ndhey pôst-e-na kâr-tê-pi. than-na tûm shin-ê kang-e-vô yom than-e-na nhôl shin-tê-û[/tt]
[tt]go-IRR-1p.SS new post-PL-ACC make-TR.IRR-1p.SBJV. thing-ACC NEG say-INF able-REAL-1p.SS great_amount thing-PL-ACC yet say-TR.IRR-1p.ACT[/tt]
Let us go and make new posts! Even if we have nothing to...
owned by Hallow XIII, last edited 2017-01-29 20:10:11.
Translate the previous sounds (2017-01-29 19:51:41) :
Mbirênî: [b]arthendrâm[/b] [ˈærθendraːm], "pretender, cheat, beggar" < "squatter". A clausal nominalization of [b]arthen ndra[/b], "sits upon", a derivational strategy I just made up.


[b]nzich mbrâte[/b] [nzitʃ ˈmbʙaːte], "seat of kings, kingship".
owned by Hallow XIII, last edited 2017-01-29 19:51:41.
i'm glad is back (2017-01-29 19:32:30) :
Welcome back!
owned by Hallow XIII, last edited 2017-01-29 19:32:30.
Bugs, Requests, and Changes (2017-01-13 19:19:42) :
owned by Hallow XIII, last edited 2017-01-13 19:19:42.
Absences (2017-01-01 10:50:43) :
Annie has essentially no userbase outside of the people on IRC, presumably also as a result of the fact that it was so unstable before. Conlanging has also strongly remained on the Zeeb because there are things going on there and unlike new posts on a PHPBB changes to Universes here are not broadcast to other users, which is p bad on a "sharing things" view.

I guess also that nobody advertises this site anywhere, probably for the above reasons.

I guess my new year's resolution ...
owned by Hallow XIII, last edited 2017-01-01 10:57:21.
Absences (2016-12-27 13:43:13) :
there is only the ear-splitting silence of death
owned by Hallow XIII, last edited 2016-12-27 13:43:13.
Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2016-11-14 07:50:05) :
[b]Màà ŋa ghèhęp khaa! Kɔ́ɔ́ ŋa vààdhoon luthud ziyáádzambaa.[/b]
[g this]màà[/g] [g TOP]ŋa[/g] [g STAT.ALLO-]ghè-[/g][g beautiful]hę́p[/g] [g EMPH]khaa[/g]
Those are very nice!
[g 1s]kɔ́ɔ́[/g] [g TOP]ŋa[/g] [g flower]vààd[/g][g -like]-óón[/g] [g pattern]luth[/g][g =3s]=d[/g] [g STAT.EGO-]zi-[/g][g be_happy]yáádz[/g][g -APPL]-mba[/g][g -INTR.EGO]-aa[/g]
I like the flowery patterns on them.
owned by Hallow XIII, last edited 2016-11-14 07:50:05.
Absences (2016-11-11 10:22:59) :
same old #isharia on sorcery
owned by Hallow XIII, last edited 2016-11-11 10:22:59.
Tloko / Omya redux (2016-11-06 11:39:47) :
To be honest, I quite like those on their own. I don't suppose you could do up a short text so we could see how the monumental and "handwritten" forms look in use?
owned by Hallow XIII, last edited 2016-11-06 11:39:48.
Featured Articles (Nominations, etc.) (2016-10-21 17:08:51) :
by my status as clown royal i decree that twabs gets to be featured
twabs write us a blurb pl0x
owned by Hallow XIII, last edited 2016-10-21 17:08:51.
Translat-o-matic (2016-10-16 16:03:15) :
Court Kangshi:
[b]sɤŋmì mbtɯ́ zbɯ ni bqxô se mʁæ̀ zɤxɤ ze mqdìe bɤ mzɤzɤxʂâ tɤ mpʁi xsɯ̂ "ʁʐâ mnùo zbɯ ni zɤxɤ!"[/b]
[g cI-]sɤ-[/g][g boy]ŋmì[/g] [g REAL-]m-[/g][g go_up]btɯ́[/g] [g PFV/do]zbɯ[/g] [g LOC]ni[/g] [g cVI-]b-[/g][g mountain]qxô[/g] [g cI-]sɤ-[/g][g that]e[/g] [g REAL-]m-[/g][g see]ʁæ̀[/g] [g cIII-]zɤ-[/g][g goat]xɤ[/g] [g cIII-]zɤ-[/g][g that]e[/g] [g REAL-]m-[/g][g suckle]qdìe[/g] [g DAT]bɤ[/g] [g PL-]m-[/g][g cIII-]zɤ-[/g][g cIII.POSS-]zɤ-[/g][g <DIM>goat]xʂâ[/g] [g ...
owned by Hallow XIII, last edited 2016-10-16 16:04:14.

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