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The Map Thread (2017-01-28 19:06:19) :
Actually, it's not intentional (and, now that you mention it, it's quite funny to see). It's because it starts with Fotèssa, the capital, as 11 and starts tracing a somewhat clockwise path.
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2016-11-13 17:41:35) :
[b]Ame s'argã. Ame șe șematice delle argane crèidare. Fir seziè delle priștie șematice piziloe telèmoi.[/b]
[i]I like money. I like making money designs. Today, I made some new designs for Telemor coins.[/i]

[i]Here they are:[/i]
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2016-10-19 08:49:04) :
[quote masako, Conversational Speaker][quote Jipí, Transition Metal, Marburg, Germany][b]Adareng bakayley larau-ikan, ankyu![/b]
That is some pretty nice stuff, really![/quote]
[b]na nkata[/b]
I agree.
[b]Molțeumesce, voș dui.[/b]

[b]Nè save za è marveu di di s'argã britanicin per mièin depaja èn dețembrio ahor neu rosseteu açatare.[/b]
[i]I have no idea if I should b...
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2016-10-16 17:51:48) :
[b]Sa șematica biliètin? Oc, vressi:[/b]
[i]The banknote design? Sure, here it is:[/i]


[b]Fir asse delle priștie șematice dei pizi iliai. Me pavu çe lè sè dei tempi cã faie atanteu delle arte per mièin dominia baututa, mè n'è tama zeru souvanteu.[/b]
[i]I also made some new designs for Ilian coins. Feels like there are times when I make a lot of a...
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2016-10-15 16:47:47) :
[quote masako, Conversational Speaker][b]ke kala tayo kue tlatinatla tse'e[/b]
Your lang seems like a Romlang.[/quote]
[b]Veugle çe va se guitu d'une limbar romansco, mè nè croye çe sè une limbar viraieu romanesco.[/b]
[i]I want it to have the feeling of a Romance language, but I don't believe it's a "real" Romance language.[/i]

[b]Sa șeptezila-çi ansiana, aie un priștin bilièta ilian creidut. Ame șe șematice delle biliète creidare.[/b]
[i]This past week, I made a new Il...
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What are you listening to? (2016-10-01 17:33:26) :
A classic:
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2016-09-30 19:31:10) :
[quote Izambri, Duke, the Findible League][quote bloodbath, Lepton, Luxembourg, LUX][...] [b]S'anat escollon comensissi l'è due șeptezile[/b] [...]
[...] [i]The school year started two weeks ago[/i] [...][/quote]

[b][i]Escollon[/i] ter èu, nam, arcareu ar lezh n'atzà?[/b]
Is [i]escollon[/i] a noun or an adjective for "school"? Or both?
[b]È une sustantivar nombru çe sè asse jenetivo. Se sustantivar normalar è [i]escolu[/i]; [i]escoli[/i] èo nombru, [i]escolo[/i]...
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Speak in Your Conlang Thread (2016-09-30 06:58:45) :
[b]Dis çe voltia marveu mit nostoi limbai baututi scribare, mè nè save ce çe scribaie.[/b]
[i]It says we should write with our own languages, but I don't know what I should write.[/i]

[b]Eh, oc, s'aotomna vini èo Lucsemburgo, și fa ahor calteu. S'anat escollon comensissi l'è due șeptezile, ahè olia marveu deii griyi hossai infantiloi. (Mièir academeiu n'è disto d'un iscula.)[/b]
[i]Oh, yeah, fall's come to Luxembourg, and it's now quite cold. The school year started two weeks ag...
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What are you listening to? (2016-09-18 17:22:35) :
FFX is one of my favorite video games in terms of music, and this piece is part of why.

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The Map Thread (2016-09-04 19:06:47) :
Small thing I recently (as in, finished today) redid.
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The Map Thread (2016-09-05 05:32:03) :
[quote kodé, Deacon, this fucking hole we call LA]cool! what do the numbers under the province names mean?[/quote]
Sort of an internal abbreviation code. They also are the first two digits of the postal codes of that region (for example, all postal codes in the Region of Fotèssa start with 11).
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Elections and Stuff :
So, partly because of the circuses that are the US primary elections and various other elections going on (like in Ireland), it got me to thinking about political systems and how elections operate in your conworlds, who's elected, and the like (if, of course, they even have elections).

Out of the two countries I have that are the most developed, Ilia's political system is the best-thought, so I figured I'd start by sharing that.

Elections are held on the natio...
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What are you listening to? (2016-01-25 13:49:52) :
Yay thread necromancy! (Yay, darkness!)

Anyways, this has been in my head for the past month or so since I went to the Texas concert at the venue just down the street from where I live:
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Featured Articles (Nominations, etc.) (2016-01-24 17:20:05) :
The issue is that I don't really have a blurb to provide (or things to link to, aside from my deviantART page), which is part of why I said March-ish. But I might be able to have something sooner: I'm working on a project right now that I might be able to turn into a tutorial-esque thing, among others.
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Featured Articles (Nominations, etc.) (2016-01-20 05:48:41) :
I'm physically here from time to time; sorry for not seeing this. This is partly because my computer(s) don't really like the forum from time to time and also because I'm finally just now settling down in my new degree program.

Maybe I can have a currency thing sometime in March or so?
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happiness thread (2015-10-22 05:27:38) :
I am now in Luxembourg. There's been a lot of running around since moving here a week ago with administrative stuff and some practical things, but things are coming along nicely. I think.

Big things are that I need to buy some chemicals soon so I can start researching, order a computer for my office, and finalize my [i]titre de séjour[/i], the latter of which is going to be a big bother (yay for medical exams). But hopefully all will be great and I can then soon book my trip to India fo...
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happiness thread (2015-06-28 23:06:22) :
So, last fall, I applied for a grant from the FNR (Luxembourg Research Foundation). I got rejected. I was sad.

I reworked and tweaked the application and decided to try again for this spring, especially since I felt like last time was a practice run. My application was "retained for funding".

This means I'm moving to Luxembourg in the foreseeable future, but the exact timeline is dependent on how the process of getting my residence permit goes. But this means I'll be finishing ...
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Featured Articles (Nominations, etc.) (2015-03-29 14:45:49) :
Probably for the best. I can do something for May, but, right now, I'm swamped with experiments and other such work.
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Grrr Thread (2015-03-18 13:41:03) :
[quote Travis B., Transition Metal, Milwaukee, Wisconsin][quote bloodbath, Lepton, Ohio, USA]So, while I normally like getting letters from people across the pond, I don't like getting letters saying that I didn't pay a tax bill that I [i]know[/i] damn well I paid about 14 months ago (and can prove I paid) and that I owe more money to the French authorities. Especially when I get the letter a month after they mailed it. Hopefully me e-mailing them and saying that I already paid the bill along wi...
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Featured Articles (Nominations, etc.) (2015-03-15 13:44:29) :
[quote Hallow XIII, 巴塞尔之子]That would be just perfect.

Yeah, just posting on a forum is a bad way to get the attention of a specific person. Hence why I looked at your "last online" date, and determined you might not show up anytime soon. But you did, and all is well ^________^[/quote]

Fair enough. I can see what I can do in that regard.

And, to be honest, I have it set up so it hides my online status. Thus, even though I do stop by periodically, about weekly, it still ...
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