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Hellesan colours :
...dn't have the concept of grey-brown or brown as we know it today: darker shades were considered within black together with most shades of blue, while lighter browns, like ochre or copper, were considered shades of red or yellow. That's the reason why in Iscanian myths about the Gagant wars sources talk about «the blood-coloured earth» or «Lämnarott sheep, with their fur like the colour of the sea».
    Concerning Perans ancient sources often talk about the colour of certain...
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Maotic (in field description): look a certain kind of way, as exemplified by the articles below. It doesn't look like that anymore, because I decided I didn't like it much. Therefore it is on the back burner right now.

In the meantime, why not check out [[Weyötiss]]?<!>synopsis=river speech
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User Profile :
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Bugs, Requests, and Changes (2017-03-15 11:57:42) :
[|This query] works just fine without those parameters. Can you give an example that breaks? (Fixed the extra ellipses, though.)
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Quote Thread (2017-02-19 23:26:59) :
...out them
<Cevf> Sler: I DON'T KNOW
<@Slereah> I mean
<@Slereah> If you look at a romantic comedy
<@Slereah> Is it ever interrupted by trying to learn squid monster language?
<@Slereah> that is not why we are here

<Cevf> Do people realize that "The Doomsday Clock" isn't a real thing?
<@pthag> no
<Cevf> Like it's not an oracle they consult, the inner workings of which are a divine mystery?
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i'm glad is back (2017-02-04 16:28:03) :
why does that kitten have three legs
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Newtlang incubator (NP: glot-taolic theory) (2017-02-01 17:44:49) :
<zh> for [ʒ] is awesome; so, why not?
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Translat-o-matic (2017-01-25 19:42:59) :
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Speak in Your Premodern Conlang Thread (2017-01-25 09:35:18) :
[g of][b]il[/b][/g] [g rock-nut-F.PL.NOM][b]Kedodtonai?[/b][/g] [g why][b]Kwedzin[/b][/g] [g Q][b]dí?[/b][/g]
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Quote Thread (2017-01-06 16:24:47) :
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YourFace :
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Quote Thread (2017-01-02 08:14:39) :
slereah: You know what had great furry sex in it, though? "Blood and Chocolate"
slereah: Gr8 teenage girl romance book about werewolf, loved it as a kid.
Cev: This is why we need sharia law in France.

Cev: The top 6 placers every year have to get kidney transplants or something, and several winners have died.
Cev: Google search suggests a winner hasn't died since 2003.
travisb: That's because they stopped the championships then.

Legion: Apparently neuter nou...
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Anthologica Universe Atlas (in field "); if(y < 0) x else substr(x, 0, y)]</b></a> <span class): 0px; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 120%"><a href="/?id=141752">Featured Creation</a></h2>
<b style="font-family: 'Gill Sans MT', 'Gill Sans', 'Segoe UI', sans-serif; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: 700">Modern Greek</b>
<i style="font-family: 'Gill Sans MT', 'Gill Sans', 'Segoe UI', sans-serif; float: left; font-size: 70%;">by <a href="/?Twabs">Twabs</a></i>
<img src="htt...
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Absences (2016-11-26 14:50:40) :
[s]Seems like my connection shits itself whenever I log on to IRC recently. No idea why that could be, but I guess I might be off #isharia for a few days.[/s]

It's not the router having difficulties with the port, it seems, it's possibly more like the router losing connection to our ISP's DNS or something. EDIT: Which I hope I fixed now by provisionally putting Google's Public DNS for domain resolution in my network config.
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Bugs, Requests, and Changes (2016-11-19 15:29:44) :
...get stuck displaying old words or articles due to the priority flag being set on those pages. (The priority flag is used to make things 'sticky' in lists, like forum topics, and can be set on articles with the 'highlight' checkbox. I have no idea why words have been getting this set on them.)
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Necromancy :
...time-consuming to craft, whether the joints are magical or mechanical. Enterprising necromancers discovered that they could use corpses for the bodies of quick constructs, as long as they weren't too damaged by either injury or time.[plus]This is why raised skeletons are practically unheard of on Maikros - that's just as difficult as animating a pile of rocks, as the joints must be magical instead of mechanical.[/plus] This, of course, led to even an even further association of necromancy...
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Absences (2016-11-10 22:50:52) :
I don't have any animosity toward Cev, which is why I'm going to respect his wishes by staying out, but I'd like to explain—I did what I did because I didn't think it was fair. Saturday had given several very genuine-looking pleas which were categorically ignored, and I didn't want to see him banned out of hand. I was hoping that Cev would reconsider or at least /ignore, and when he didn't I got annoyed and acted on the side of what I saw (and quite frankly, still see) as justice.

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Metaverse :
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Heterodoxy: Make Shit Up :
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Quote Thread (2016-10-19 11:02:11) :
...24054e6eaca4424c151f7f1b97f13a.jpg <- if it isn't this, you didn't.
<Smaug> I'm not clicking on that.
<Cernex> ...
<Smaug> You know, if you pushed any other op the way you do me, you'd be banned. I just don't know why I put up with it.
owned by twabs, last edited 2016-10-19 11:02:11.

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