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Word of the Day: gala
cv. To (put) right.
, v. To think.
baar(a)-, n. Fall.
båda, v. To be weak.
bage, v. To be large.
balla, v. To be ill.
bameg(a)-, n. Thought.
bamm(e)-, n. Web.
banke, v. To be tame.
basg(i)-, n. Fox.
bata, v. To be flat-shaped.
bataśog(e)-, n. Flat object.
bati, v. To be angry.
bati+jé, vp. To anger.
be, v. To stop.
béca, v. To be short (in length).
bed(a)-, n. Day (as in day-time).
bee, cv. Through.
bee+kuja, vp. To wade.
beel(a)-, n. Palm (of hand).
behi, v. To assume.
beik(a)-, n. Smell.
beilu, v. To be brief.
beka, v. To clean.
beker(a)-, n. Attention.
bel(a)-, num. 1.
bella, v. To forbid.
beńń(a)-, n. Door.
béra, v. To flame, /βera/.
bes(i)-, n. Problem.
best(e)-, n. Idol.
bet(i)-, n. People, tribe (like German Volk).
bettu tenk(a)-, np. Index finger.
bid(e)-, n. Child.
bie, v. To fuck.
bieseh(a)-, n. Fucking.
bike, v. To be closed.
bikka, v. To feed.
bil(u)-, n. Hawthorn.
bina, adv. At midday.
binu, v. To thunder.
binucó, v. To be thundery.
binuseh(a)-, n. Thunder.
bipa, v. To steal.
bira, v. To figure out.
bitan(a)-, n. World.
bo, v. To put.
bola, v. To be simple.
bólu, v. To load.
bora, cv. Inside.
bote, v. To be useful.
, cv. Onto.
bø+geńi, vp. To cling, to hold onto.
bø+nóne, vp. To grab onto (dynamic).
bø+si, vp. To realize.
bøl(e)-, n. Field, plain.
bøte, v. To be red.
bue, adv. Surely.
bueta, v. To be dumb, stupid, of low intelligence.
bul(a)-, n. Mood.
bull(e)-, n. Peace.
bulle+la+wa, vp. To make peace.
bulle+wa, vp. To have peace.
, v. To live.
ća, v. To be what.
caa, v. To mean.
ćaara, adv. How.
caha, v. To butcher.
caki, v. To be powdery.
cakiśog(e)-, n. Powder.
cana, adv. This evening.
cåseh(a)-, n. Life.
cat(i)-, n. Ground.
cåte, v. To be all.
će, cv. Backwards.
ce, conj. Exclusive or.
ced(i)-, n. (Small) boat.
ćeemi, v. To be easy.
cehk(a)-, n. Infraction.
ceina, v. To excuse.
ceka, v. To thank.
ćela, v. To be ordered, to be orderly.
ćela+jé, vp. To put in order.
ćela+nu, vp. To keep in order.
ćema, v. To offend.
cemi, v. To choose, to select.
cena, v. To weave.
centa, v. To imagine.
cépa, v. To be worthy.
ćera, v. To be happy.
ćera+nu, vp. To make someone happy (static).
cesa, v. To be possible.
ćet(a)-, n. Mound.
ći, v. To hear.
cic(a)-, n. Bee, wasp.
cie, v. To hope.
ćie, cv. Towards.
ćie+darte, vp. To lust after.
ćie+gina, vp. To shoot at.
ćie+misa, vp. To covet.
ćie+nega, vp. To point in the direction of.

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