The Kanaši and their lesser brethren
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Macro-Kanašu is the sole family of the Kanašu Peninsula, with several of the lesser members spoken to the west of the Kanašu proper. They formerly held the whole of the Plains of Nerisel, taken from them by the Hasaču expansion. They remain in a precarious band along the southern coasts near White Sands Bay, eastwards towards the Civoyé, and inside Eghrunlu and along the coast north of it. is spoken far to the west, in the northern half of White Sands Bay; it is the farthest non-colonial outlier of the family. The great merchant city-states and nations of the Kanašu have extended the family's reach far and wide, however; Tzuman's varieties can be heard across nearly the whole of western Rašau.


Macro-Tzuman The greater grouping of those languages closer to Tzuman than to the Lesser Kanaši.


Modern Tzuman Grand language of the Kanašu, the medium of trade heard in all corners, near and far.
Proto Macro-Kanašu The ancestral language of the Macro-Kanašu family, claimed by Kanaši scholars to have been spoken by the populace of the semi-mythical state of First Tzešaghro.


  • Kanaši Names
    What friends call you, and what the taxman calls you. Newly rediscovered; highly fragmentary.