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bati+jé, vp. To anger.
bee+kuja, vp. To wade.
bø+geńi, vp. To cling, to hold onto.
bø+nóne, vp. To grab onto (dynamic).
bø+si, vp. To realize.
bulle+la+wa, vp. To make peace.
bulle+wa, vp. To have peace.
ćela+jé, vp. To put in order.
ćela+nu, vp. To keep in order.
ćera+nu, vp. To make someone happy (static).
ćie+darte, vp. To lust after.
ćie+gina, vp. To shoot at.
ćie+misa, vp. To covet.
ćie+nega, vp. To point in the direction of.
ćie+tonne, vp. To desire.
cigla+hé, vp. To pair.
cila+nu, vp. To excite.
ciśa+nu, vp. To exasperate someone.
co+deeti, vp. To plunge.
co+ja, vp. To insert, to drive into.
co+né, vp. To run and enter.
co+si, vp. To enter.
co+soha, vp. To penetrate, to spear, to stab, to fuck (from a male perspective).
co+titla, vp. To bore into something.
co+waće, vp. To furrow into something.
ćote+nu, vp. To amaze someone.
ćue+kuja, vp. To stand up.
deela+beka, vp. To clean (with water).
dorda+la+wa, vp. To begin fighting a war.
dorda+wa, vp. To wage war.
geinu+jé, vp. To stick something to something.
gelka+ja, vp. To milk.
gy+cu, vp. To receive back.
gy+ja, vp. To take back.
gy+si, vp. To return (intransitive).
gy+soha, vp. To revenge.
gy+tó, vp. To return (transitive).
hé+jé, vp. To compel.
hiba+ró+ja, vp. To take with oneself (to death).
hiba+tó, vp. To kill.
hie+beka, vp. To purge.
hie+ja, vp. To remove from within.
hie+py+jé, vp. To roll out.
hie+si, vp. To leave (from somewhere).
hie+tó, vp. To throw, to eject, to spurt, to ejaculate.
hoju+maĺa, vp. To hack.
hoju+soha, vp. To beat.
juće+ja, vp. To (successfully) hunt a deer.
jy+cu, vp. To obtain from.
jy+ja, vp. To take from.
jy+ĺo, vp. To sleep off something.
jy+mi, vp. To avoid.
jy+miśa, vp. To push away, to push out of the way.
jy+muli, vp. To sell off.
jy+né, vp. To flee.
jy+nosi, vp. To fight off.
jy+teci, vp. To turn away (intransitive).
jy+teci+jé, vp. To turn away (transitive).
jy+tó, vp. To give up something, to give away.
kara+ja, vp. To catch a fish.
kélo+nu, vp. To bother someone.
kilu+bo, vp. To surround (action).
kilu+geńi, vp. To grip, to hug.
kilu+kø, vp. To wear around.
kilu+maĺa, vp. To carve.
kilu+mi, vp. To surround (state).
kilu+nosi, vp. To fight over.
kilu+póde, vp. To keep surrounded.
kite+ja, vp. To marry (from a male perspective).
ko+ćy, vp. To lie on something.
ko+kuja, vp. To stand on (top of).
ko+mi, vp. To rest on.
ko+mie, vp. To sit on something.
ko+moca, vp. To grab on (static).
kueti+jé, vp. To terrify.
kura+cu, vp. To receive.
kura+ja, vp. To take for oneself.
kura+kaća, vp. To buy oneself something.
ky+ja, vp. To remove from surface.
ky+tó, vp. To emit.
kyware+ći, vp. To listen to stories.
kyware+ro+jo, vp. To storytell.
la+geinu, vp. To stick to something (dynamic).
la+ko+ćy, vp. To lay on something.
la+ko+mie, vp. To make oneself sit on something.
la+ladi+geńi, vp. To join up, to link up (as something between).
la+ĺo, vp. To go to sleep.
la+mie, vp. To make oneself sit.
la+pi+ćy, vp. To lay down.
la+pu+ćy, vp. To go have sex with.
la+śé, vp. To wake up.
la+śue+mie, vp. To make oneself sit up.
ladi+bå, vp. To come up with.
ladi+bo, vp. To assemble.
ladi+geńi, vp. To join, to link together (as something between).
ladi+ja, vp. To gather.
ladi+kana, vp. To shut.
ladi+kø, vp. To eat a meal.
ladi+lø+nu, vp. To blend in.
ladi+mo, vp. To drink together.
ladi+póde, vp. To keep together.
ladi+py+jé, vp. To roll up.
ladi+si, vp. To close, to coalesce, to have sex.
ladi+tó, vp. To exchange gifts.
laði+mi, vp. To stay in a group.
lańi+nu, vp. To bore someone.
leńu+né, vp. To trample, to disregard.
lila+ja, vp. To fuck an older woman (from a male perspective).
lippe+ja, vp. To enslave.
lippe+póde, vp. To hold a slave.
lise+mi, vp. To stay ahead of a group.
lise+póde, vp. To keep something/someone ahead of something/someone.
ĺotu+ja, vp. To merge (transitive).
ĺotu+si, vp. To merge (intransitive).
lø+jé, vp. To show.
lø+ka+jé, vp. To hide (dynamic).
lø+ka+nu, vp. To hide (static).
lø+nu, vp. To appear.
manća+siekli, vp. To build a barn.
manća+śue+si+jé, vp. To build a barn.
maśi+ja, vp. To choose, to select.
me+bee+ketla, vp. To impale.
me+bee+soha, vp. To impale through.
me+beka, vp. To clean off, to clean up.
me+hoju+soha, vp. To beat up.
me+hoki, vp. To boil off.
mé+ja, vp. To further.
me+kalta, vp. To scrape off.
me+kepu, vp. To burn up.
me+kilu+ja, vp. To reverse.
me+kilu+teci, vp. To turn around.
me+kø, vp. To eat up, to finish eating.
me+mińa+né, vp. To collide and stop.
me+mo, vp. To drink up, to finish drinking.
me+muu, vp. To successfully learn.
me+muu+nu, vp. To successfully teach.
me+neti+soha, vp. To smash up.
me+pi+miśa, vp. To push over (literally).
me+pi+nii, vp. To die out.
me+pi+si, vp. To fall down, to become lower.
me+pule+ja, vp. To ruin, to have a pyrrhic victory.
me+rabe, vp. To brush off.
me+ro+si, vp. To arrive.
me+sége+ja, vp. To conquer, to be victorious.
me+śue+miśa, vp. To erect.
me+tani, vp. To run out.
me+titla, vp. To bore through.
me+tusa, vp. To join up.
me+wy, vp. To cook up.
meka+kuja, vp. To stand away.
miehe+jé, vp. To surprise someone.
mińa+bo, vp. To place up against.
mińa+kana, vp. To refuse to speak, to hold off something trying to enter.
mińa+kuja, vp. To resist.
mińa+mi, vp. To rest up against.
mińa+né, vp. To move and collide and keep going.
mińa+nosi, vp. To fight against someone.
mińa+póde, vp. To keep someone/something against someone/something (figurative and literal).
mińa+si, vp. To oppose, to defy.
mińa+time, vp. To open against pressure.
mire+mi, vp. To stay opposite to.
mire+póde, vp. To keep opposite to.
mou+póde, vp. To keep stored in something.
muda+póde, vp. To babysit.
mune+mi, vp. To stay at the front of a group.
mupa+né, vp. To escape.
muu+jé, vp. To make learn.
muu+nu, vp. To teach.
nace+cemi, vp. To divide into two (transitive).
nace+ćona, vp. To break in two.
nace+ja, vp. To split (transitive).
nace+maĺa, vp. To cut into two.
nace+si, vp. To split (intransitive).
naĺe+si, vp. To follow.
neńi+mi, vp. To stay behind an object.
neńi+póde, vp. To keep something/someone on the other side of something/someone.
ńesa+si, vp. To go home.
neti+bo, vp. To place away from each other.
neti+cemi, vp. To separate from something.
neti+geńi, vp. To (hold) separate.
neti+ja, vp. To separate.
neti+lø+nu, vp. To stand out, to show up.
neti+mi, vp. To avoid each other.
neti+miśa, vp. To push apart.
neti+póde, vp. To keep separate.
neti+si, vp. To open, to separate.
neti+soha, vp. To smash.
neti+time, vp. To open wide.
nii+jé, vp. To kill.
no+jé, vp. To convert (transitive).
paati+kuta, vp. To be devoted to a god.
paati+møsa, vp. To pray to a god.
paati+naske, vp. To worship a god.
paati+no, vp. To believe in a god.
paati+no+jé, vp. To convert to believe in a god (transitive).
paati+no+nu, vp. To proselytize.
paati+ro+jo, vp. To pray.
paati+tuu+si, vp. To submit to a god's will.
pi+bo, vp. To take down.
pi+ćy, vp. To lie down.
pi+geńi, vp. To pin.
pi+ja, vp. To defeat, to conquer, to lower, to reduce, to harvest.
pi+kø, vp. To wear down.
pi+nii, vp. To die (literally) down, away.
pi+póde, vp. To keep away.
pi+si, vp. To fall, to become lower.
pi+si+jé, vp. To lower.
pu+co+si, vp. To enter with.
pu+ćy, vp. To have sex with.
pu+hie+si, vp. To leave (from somewhere) with.
pu+ńesa+si, vp. To go home with.
pu+nosi, vp. To fight with.
pu+pi+si, vp. To fall with, to become lower with.
pu+póde, vp. To keep with something else.
pu+si, vp. To go with.
pu+śue+si, vp. To rise with.
pu+tó, vp. To give along with.
pu+wo+si, vp. To come with.
pule+mo, vp. To be a drunkard.
rine+si, vp. To cross.
ro+gina, vp. To shoot.
ro+hie+tó, vp. To throw at, to eject at, to spurt at, to ejaculate at.
ró+ja, vp. To take with.
ro+ja, vp. To take somewhere.
ro+jo, vp. To tell.
ro+nega, vp. To point at.
ró+póde, vp. To keep with oneself.
ró+wo+ja, vp. To bring (with).
ruu+kø, vp. To wear into.
sége+cemi, vp. To select the best.
sége+kø, vp. To eat and be merry.
sége+mo, vp. To drink and be merry.
segure+tuu+si, vp. To submit to a king's authority.
sica+bo, vp. To leave, to abandon something.
sica+kuja, vp. To stand to the back.
sica+mi, vp. To stay behind a group.
sica+póde, vp. To keep something/someone behind something/someone.
sica+tó, vp. To defecate.
side+nu, vp. To calm.
sii+bo, vp. To place next to.
sii+mi, vp. To stay next to.
sii+póde, vp. To keep next to.
soka+jé, vp. To scare.
śue+bo, vp. To erect.
śue+geńi, vp. To support (physically).
śue+ja, vp. To lift, to increase.
śue+mi, vp. To stand up.
śue+mie, vp. To sit up.
śue+miśa, vp. To lift, to raise.
śue+si, vp. To rise.
śue+si+jé, vp. To raise.
suli+tó, vp. To free a slave.
śuwa+nu, vp. To irritate someone.
sy+lø+nu, vp. To disappear.
sy+si+jé, vp. To stop (something moving).
tawe+siekli, vp. To build a house.
tawe+śue+si+jé, vp. To build a house.
teci+jé, vp. To turn (transitive).
tieha+nu, vp. To concern someone.
tinne+ja, vp. To fuck a young woman (from a male perspective).
to+co+ketla, vp. To penetrate, spear, to stab, to fuck (from a male perspective).
to+mińa+né, vp. To collide (and keep going).
to+nace+ketla, vp. To split (with something).
toka+ćona, vp. To break into pieces.
toka+ja, vp. To divide (transitive).
toka+maĺa, vp. To cut up.
toka+si, vp. To divide (intransitive).
tuu+bo, vp. To conquer, to defeat.
tuu+si, vp. To submit, to surrender, to give up.
wo+póde, vp. To keep around.
wo+si, vp. To come.