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The following is the grammar section of the earliest version of the Drydic Language, my first conlang which wasn't basically an English relex. Instead, it's a Latin relex trying to pretend it isn't! (…)
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An essay written by Meihou Ianoutsé, one of the brightest lights of Anaşali literature, detailing her feelings and thoughts about the capture and subsequent treatment of Teršelai, a Ker Salanjan city-state.
*Now playing on Rockway! New home of Şerau Teršelainja here.
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the Land of Rage


If there can be no Christrage...

"For all that have fallen, a memory. For all that will come, a dream. For all that are, a haven. Always and forever, will be Christrage."
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The only non-usual grapheme usages are h [ħ] and c [ts] (which of course is common, but also competing). (…)
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Neštari Antyelyen - Her trajectory in life was marked out relatively early for a daughter of a landed houselord. Furious that her parents were forcing her into a marriage with a man she utterly loathed, through a good friend she hired twin Norse brothers to stage her kidnapping just as she was being trundled off to the estate of the parents of her would-be husband. Also kidnapped was the entirety of her dowry. Arriving safe in Christrage, she took that dowry and turned a large but run-down mansion near the dockyards into a clean and well-run brothel. Since she treated her girls and guys well, kept the premises clean and unquestionably safe, the streetwalkers of Christrage flocked to her, both allowing and forcing her to expand. Within five years, hers was the largest brothel in the city. She then married one of the city's richest men, who unfortunately (for him) died just two years later, leaving all his holdings to Neštari. With it she made one of the most powerful companies/syndicates in Christrage, one that strings around, through, and into the very fabric of the city. It is said she's eyeing the Mayor Admiral's seat (the highest and most powerful political position in the whole city).
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Note: I found my oooooold Kanaši names document, and have worked most of the info in this post into it here. Not everything's there, but it's not all applicable to that specific subject so some stuff was cut. It's still canon, I'm just trying to keep the off-topic rambling in my documents down to a dull roar.

I feel like showing a half-written note of an idea. Not entirely sure why, something to do with my thought processes. Here goes nothing... (…)
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Yaaay I figured out a basic image manipulation action! *is happy*
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I was not expecting this. Or the entry existing on creation, not waiting for any content to be added. Newness!

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