Peninsular Tzuman
Lapping on the shores of the Straits
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This grouping is composed of those dialects which are traditionally thought of as Tzuman - Teśara, though closer to the Straits dialects than to Civoyé or any of the Lesser Kanaši, has never been considered fully Tzuman. That accolade is reserved for the two great dialect centers, Itece and Išeni, with Eghri being a much more recent offshoot of Itece than the Seǧákne continuum.


Išeni (Cenašene Tzuman) Spoken in Išeneli itself and in her colonies dotted along the Emanar Venoršanid, Išeni is proudly (though not significantly) divergent from the partially-standardized forms of Straits Tzuman.
Modern Tzuman The trade tongue over nearly the whole of Rašau, and good portions of Htelui, Kortɯǥ, and the Littoral.