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Archaeron A fantasy universe developed for a long-running role-playing campaign
* Prototribal The ancient language of the human wilders
Abyssal The common tongue of minor extraplanar spirits
Arshan The venerable language once spoken by the now-extinct dragons
Brownish The common language of the Slight races
Drai El A harsh tongue spoken by the enigmatic Sidhe
Druidic The common language of the Druid nation
Fey A simple language used to communicate with more intelligent wilderness creatures
Goblin The trade language of the goblin tribes
High Imperial The formal language of Imperial courts and law
Imperial Common The official common tongue of the Imperial races
Kurgan The ancestral language of the warlike Kurgan
Meisylvan The modern language of the wood sylphs
Naisylvan The modern language of the noble sylphs
Nefren The oldest known dorn language, spoken by an ancient dominant clan
Odren The dominant language among modern Dorn
Old Sylvan The ancient root of modern sylvan tongues
Op Standard A simplified, rigidly defined dialect for programming golem devices
Shaal An obscure tongue shrouded in dark rumors
Thane's Tongue An archaic but celebrated trade language of the dorn clans
Trogan The simple tongue of the enigmatic gnolls

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Thanks! The aesthetic is definitely inspired by Devanagari, but it actually evolved via Druidic:

Druidic inscription.png

From something much more like the Ogham:

Prototribal Writing small.png
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I recently finished the writing system for Meisylvan and did a test inscription. Really happy with how it turned out:

Meisylvan inscription small.png
? neosonichdghg posts: 6
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Oh, that explains it! Thanks a ton. I guess I'm too accustomed to permissive formats.

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