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Word of the Day: tajala
v. To be windy.
baar(a)-, n. Fall.
bage, v. To be large.
balla, v. To be ill.
bameg(a)-, n. Thought.
bamm(e)-, n. Web.
banke, v. To be tame.
basg(i)-, n. Fox.
bata, v. To be flat-shaped.
bataśog(e)-, n. Flat object.
bati, v. To be angry.
bati+jé, vp. To anger.
be, v. To stop.
bed(a)-, n. Day (as in day-time).
bee, cv. Through.
bee+kuja, vp. To wade.
beel(a)-, n. Palm (of hand).
behi, v. To assume.
beik(a)-, n. Smell.
beilu, v. To be brief.
beka, v. To clean.
beker(a)-, n. Attention.
bel(a)-, num. 1.
bella, v. To forbid.
bes(i)-, n. Problem.
best(e)-, n. Idol.
bet(i)-, n. People, tribe (like German Volk).
bettu tenk(a)-, np. Index finger.
beńń(a)-, n. Door.
bid(e)-, n. Child.
bie, v. To fuck.
bieseh(a)-, n. Fucking.
bike, v. To be closed.
bikka, v. To feed.
bil(u)-, n. Hawthorn.
bina, adv. At midday.
binu, v. To thunder.
binucó, v. To be thundery.
binuseh(a)-, n. Thunder.
bipa, v. To steal.
bira, v. To figure out.
bitan(a)-, n. World.
bo, v. To put.
bola, v. To be simple.
bora, cv. Inside.
bote, v. To be useful.
bue, adv. Surely.
bueta, v. To be dumb, stupid, of low intelligence.
bul(a)-, n. Mood.
bull(e)-, n. Peace.
bulle+la+wa, vp. To make peace.
bulle+wa, vp. To have peace.
, v. To think.
båda, v. To be weak.
béca, v. To be short (in length).
béra, v. To flame, /βera/.
bólu, v. To load.
, cv. Onto.
bø+geńi, vp. To cling, to hold onto.
bø+nóne, vp. To grab onto (dynamic).
bø+si, vp. To realize.
bøl(e)-, n. Field, plain.
bøte, v. To be red.
caa, v. To mean.
caha, v. To butcher.
caki, v. To be powdery.
cakiśog(e)-, n. Powder.
cana, adv. This evening.
cat(i)-, n. Ground.
ce, conj. Exclusive or.
ced(i)-, n. (Small) boat.
cehk(a)-, n. Infraction.
ceina, v. To excuse.
ceka, v. To thank.
cemi, v. To choose, to select.
cena, v. To weave.
centa, v. To imagine.
cesa, v. To be possible.
cic(a)-, n. Bee, wasp.
cie, v. To hope.
ciek(a)-, n. Trunk.
ciete, v. To mix.
cigl(a)-, n. Pair.
cigla+hé, vp. To pair.
cih(a)-, n. Heart.
ciklet(a)-, n. Cikleta, the earth goddess.
cila, v. To be excited.
cila+nu, vp. To excite.
cill(e)-, n. Valley.
cinna, v. To prevent, to avert.
ciset(a)-, n. Town.
cita, cv. Likely.
ciwa, v. To hang.
ciśa, v. To be exasperated.
ciśa+nu, vp. To exasperate someone.
co, cv. Into.
co+deeti, vp. To plunge.
co+ja, vp. To insert, to drive into.
co+né, vp. To run and enter.
co+si, vp. To enter.
co+soha, vp. To penetrate, to spear, to stab, to fuck (from a male perspective).

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