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british-library2.jpgWelcome to the Anthologica Reference Desk! Here you can find all of our collected materials on various topics in linguistics, history, and other things relevant to conworlders. You can also find our [Anthologica Docmentation|Help] page here.

Contributing: Check out the reference desk forum thread for discussion on what work is actively being done. If you'd like to contribute to the reference desk, please contact someone from the Site Staff or ask in the forum thread, and you will be added to the user group.

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Anthologica Documentation Curious or confused about the site? Come here for FAQs and tutorials.
Derivational Morphology Articles on derivational affixes and processes.
Sound Changes
Syntax A grimoire on the black art of conlanging
Vowel Systems ...and how to make them. Maintained by Nortaneous and dhok.
Writing Systems Information pertaining to making and reading scripts.

Natlangs Reference copy of natural languages and dictionaries for derivation with the SCA. Feel free to contribute!