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Alt History: North America A generic portfolio for languages of alternate histories taking place primarily in North America. Because work on such languages first requires an alternate history, a thought-out scenario should be presented before a conlang may be entered into this portfolio.
Bauʰm A playground for loosely related projects
Oikoumeni "Blessed are the Greeks for they shall inherit the earth . . ."
Ajam (Future Arabic)
Marshlandic A Nordic language with Arabic influence
Medieval Greek
Sebastic (Echqīli/Seqel)
Vulgar Greek

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<@Legion> do humans actually *contribute* to the heat death of the universe?
<@Legion> I'd thought that's just a factor of universal expansion
<Barsgua> I mean it depends what you refer to exactly, I guess?
<Barsgua> We probably contribute to increased entropy, but otoh yeah the big issue is more the expansion
<@pharazon> hey bb are you contributing to increased entropy, because you're making me expand 
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<@pharazon> Just passed a guy on the sidewalk raving about Koreans and Chinese in a faux-Asian accent
<@Cev> sure he wasn't just Japanese?
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This language seems to tend towards dependent-marking strategies.

It has postpositions that coincide with case.

DAT + fæþ in
DAT + yuŋ on
DAT + ra above
DAT + gor under
GEN + xe with (concomitative)
INSTR + xe with/by (instrumental)

wek'-a t’iɛ-bi yuŋ
fish-NOM ice-DAT on
a fish on some ice

Yukn-a rob-ak' xe qaš-e sæp.
priestess-NOM fortune.teller-GEN with head-3sfOBJ bathe
A priestess takes a bath with a fortune teller.
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