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I just wanna create an artificial language
I am studying English translation in uni (my native language is Spanish) and I was playing a very homebrew dnd campaign with some friends when I decided my character should have an elven song she sings all the time... then I wanted to write the song, but I wanted it in elven... Next thing I know I'm making up a new language and making accounts in conlang forums. Help.
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alex the andal
I have always been interested in languages and linguistics, especially endangered/indigenous ones, and I studied Latin and Greek as well. My 2 brothers also are writers and this inspired me to start conlanging. My first conlang has yet to be named and is currently in progress.
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I'm a gay + trans writer, artist, and worldbuilder. At the moment I'm working on a sci-fi setting with two main conlangs, Tsarkti and Eerie.
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The Great Whore That Sitteth Upon Many Waters

I'm here to check out your language tools and see if they're suitable for some amateur endangered language documentation.  Everything else I've tried either sucks, or is exclusively for Windows.
Started conlanging in middle school but only got serious about it like a year ago and decided to join CWS, got involved in conworlding by proxy after joining a collaborative project of which I am still a part.
agender god

Aquila Ex Machina
I've started the creation of my world while I was playing as a kid, it's almost as old as I am. The creation of languages just came along. I'm studying computer science and love cryptography (old way).
atsu mauthidzeb
Supreme Leader of The Universe

Not much to tell. I like worldbuilding, Weezer, Star Trek, and drawing. I have three cats and a collie.
tiny dragon

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my interest in foreign language led me to conlangs and I'd love to create a language + world for an album concept. not sure what I want to study yet but likely linguistics or international studies.
totally new to this world but hoping to learn enough about linguistics to finish a language in 2019.

Basically, trying to be a conlanger and conworlder with minimal goals or plans, mostly working with stringing together random ideas and 'selecting' those which make most sense

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