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mina (1), n. motion, movement
mina (2), n. Minaere calendar month, 30 or 31 local days
minaere, n. Minaere, Ano III, 'star of movement'
minapayu, n. Thursday
minata, v. move, be in motion
minatata, v. move sth, cause to move
minayeni, n. Minaere calendar year, 491 (or 490) local days
miñe, n. cross
mine, n. travel, journey
minekaru, n. transportation
mineñuro, n. tourism
mineñuya, n. tourist
mineso, n. passenger compartment
mineta, v. travel
mineya, n. passenger
mineyanaña, n. passenger car (railway)
mini, n. daughter-in-law, daughter's wife
miño, interj. mu, neither yes nor no
mipe (1), n. request
mipe (2), n. application
mipe (3), n. prayer
mipepiñi, n. beggar
mipeta (1), v. beg, request
mipeta (2), v. pray
mipu, n. motorcycle (abbrev.)
mira, n. tamarind
miraka, adv. somewhat, some amount
miri, n. purse; bag with a closing mechanism
miro (1), n. movement from a place/position to another
miro (2), adv. sometime
misa, n. granddaughter, birthdaughter's wife's birthdaughter
misi, n. sea, ocean
misiere, n. Misiere, Ano VIII, 'star of ocean'
misihava, n. Navy
miso, n. route
misonaña, n. bus
misu, n. start
misuneko, n. starter
misuta, v. start, begin motion (itr.)
misutata, v. start (tr.)
mita, v. move, go somewhere, journey
mitaro, n. move from place or position to another, move in a game
mitata, v. move sth somewhere
mite, adv. somehow
miti, n. creature, beast, any animal
mitimomaya, n. veterinarian
mitioti, n. zoology
mitiotipiñi, n. zoologist
mitipuuya, n. Speaker-to-Animals, aka Professor of Galactic Languages
mititiva, n. zoo, zoological garden
mito, n. blow, blast of air
mitoreyepi, n. wind instrument
mitota, v. blow (air, usually not of wind)
mitoteta, v. inflate (tr.)
mitoteye, adj. inflatable
mitu, n. bellows
miva, adj. polite, civilized
mivaro, n. civilization, refinement
mivaru, n. politeness, civility
mivaso, n. civilization (a society with advanced culture)
mivata, v. civilize
mive, n. citizen
mivepu, n. light motorcycle
mivi, n. town, city
mivihase, n. mayor
mivikana, n. alderperson, town elder, town councillor
mivisena, n. city wall
mivo, n. politics
mivohipe, adj. political
mivoya, n. politician
mivu, adj. civic, civil
mivupiñe, n. civil servant, public official
miya, n. wayfarer; planet
mo, n. hearing (sense)
moe, n. listening
moeta, v. listen, listen to
moeya, n. listener
mohi, n. puffed rice
moho, n. rind, peel, skin
mohopi, n. peeler
mohota, v. peel
moka, n. musical mallet, especially used with toko
moma, n. healing
momahipe, adj. medical
momaoti, n. medicine, medical science
momapi, n. medicine, medical preparation, drug
momata, v. heal, cure
momaya, n. physician, healer
momimu, n. sense of hearing
momo, n. echo
moni, n. garland, wreath; anthology, collection of poems, stories or articles
monimu sokata, v. get married
monipiñi, n. garland maker, garland seller; florist
monopo, adj. deaf, hearing impaired
mora, n. knife
mori, n. peacock
moro, n. helmet
mosi, n. Rireinu koi, domesticated carp
mota, v. hear, perceive with ears
motaro, n. recital, concert

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