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ore, n. kid,  young goat (not a young person)
ori, n. period; series
oro, n. blow, strike, hit, trauma
orota, v. hit, strike
osa (1), n. size
osa (2), n. heap
osata, v. gather, collect; assemble
osi, n. wrist
oso, n. dew
osu, n. swamp, impassable swamp
ote, n. lesson, lecture, class, period of study
otepayu, n. schoolday
otesoto, n. classroom
oti, n. learning, doctrine
otihi, n. school
otikuna, n. institute, college
otiñara, adj. learned
otinopo, adj. uneducated
otipiñi, n. scholar, scientist
otirini, n. lesson, section of study
otiro, n. study, studying
otiso, n. high school
otita, v. learn
otitakipe, adj. instructive
otitaro, n. tuition, instruction; teachings; moral
otitata, v. teach, instruct
otitaya, n. teacher
otiteta, v. study
otiteya, n. student
otiya, n. pupil, schoolgirl; learner
otiyeya, n. school hairstyle, school uniform
oto, n. shower (bath; rain)
ova, adj. open-
ova (2), adj. open; off (electr.)
ovane, n. gap, opening
ovapi, n. key
ovaro, n. opening gambit, initial action
ovaru, n. openness
ovasuta, v. unlock, untie, open
ovata, v. open; switch off (electr.)
ove, n. door
ovo, n. labia, labia minora
oye, n. ear
pa, pron. he (masculine 3rd person singular)
pa (2), adj. male- (for animals that don't have a special term for the male)
paha, adj. bad
pahe (1), n. merit
pahe (2), n. income, earnings
pahe (3), n. just deserts
paheta (1), v. merit, deserve
paheta (2), v. earn
paho, n. a lithophone
pai, adj. pure
pairu, n. purity
paita, v. become pure
paitata, v. purify
paka, adj. ripe, mature, fully cooked; white, grey (of hair)
pakatuta, v. ripen, mature, cook; hair to turn grey
paki, n. courtyard, quad, yard surrounded by buildings on at least three sides
pako, n. gourd, calabash (dried, hollowed-out fruit used as container or utensil)
paku, n. burden, load; cargo
pakunakuhi, n. carter; teamster
pakunaña, n. freight car; goods wagon
pakupiñi, n. porter, bearer
pakupura, n. freight bicycle (short for pakuvesupura)
pakuta, v. load, burden
pama, n. insult
pamata, v. insult
pame, n. silver, Ag
pami, n. tomcat
pamo, n. rapids, whitewater
pamu, adj. white; brazen (of a lie)
pamukaru (1), n. egg white
pamukaru (2), n. protein
pana, n. gemstone, jewel
paneta, v. put
pañi, n. line, row; also of poetry, text, or dialogue
pani, n. grammar
pañikuna, n. stanza
paño, n. platinum, Pt
pano, n. ore
panu, n. thesis, statement, assertion, proposition
panuñu, n. argument; discussion
panuñuta, v. argue; discuss
panuta, v. insist, claim, argue
papa, n. cock, rooster, male hen
papi, n. testicle
papipiri, n. scrotum
papo, n. water spinach
papu, n. reward, prize, pourboire
para, n. bread
pare, n. petroleum, mineral oil
parema, adj. better; comparative of hea 'good'
pari, adj. best; superlative of hea 'good'
paro, n. energy
paroñara, adj. energetic
parone, n. unit of energy
paru, n. mercury, Hg
pasa, n. market, marketplace
pasi, adv. badly, ill

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