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peneta, v. stay, remain
peni, n. dog, bitch
peniño, n. puppy
peño, n. satellite; attendant (obs.)
pepe, n. male dog
pepi, pp. toward, against
pera, n. spear, javelin
pere, n. soup
peri, n. labrys, double-bitted axe
peri (2), n. currency unit of Rireinu.
perita, v. chop, cut down, cut with an axe
pero, n. inebriation, drunkenness
peroko, adj. drunk, inebriated
perota, v. get drunk, become inebriated
peru, n. boar, male swine
pese, n. home
peseñara, adj. homely, homelike
pesetee, n. domestic chore, housework
peseteñeye, n. homework, assignment
pesi, n. nest
peso, n. yard, land around the house
pesu, n. cave
petake, n. tangent (math.)
petapi, n. button (instr.), key (instr.)
petapikuna, n. keyboard
petata, v. touch, abut, be in physical contact with; apply, concern
pete (1), n. manganese, Mn
pete (2), n. touch (sense)
petemimu, n. sense of touch
peteta, v. touch, feel sth on your skin, passive touch
peteteta, v. touch, feel with the skin, active touch
petevuvo, n. feeler, antenna (zool.)
peto, n. concrete (building material)
petu, n. cycad
petuta, v. feel like
peu, n. play
peuta, v. play
pevita, v. (itr.) spread, extend, expand; be scattered, dispersed
pevu, n. game, sport, contest, race
peyo, n. small blue nature spirit
peyu, n. sauce with meat, fish or vegetable; stew
peyupito, n. stew bowl
peyuta, v. slurp, eat noisily
piha, n. picture, image; photograph (colloq.)
pihapi, n. camera (colloq.)
piharo, n. description
pihata, v. picture, depict, make a picture
pihataro, n. illustration
pihatata, v. illustrate
pihaya, n. photographer, cameraperson
pihe, n. systematic description, -graphy
piheta, v. describe
pihi, n. fancy, fiction
pihihipe, adj. imaginary, fictional
pihiro, n. imagination
pihita, v. imagine
piho (1), adj. trivial, insignificant
piho (2), n. little finger
piho (3), n. micro- prefix (1e-6)
pihohimipi, n. microscope
pihomiya, n. microplanet, Small Solar System Body.
pihosome, n. little finger
pii, n. tooth (person or animal)
piimomaoti, n. dentistry, dental science
piimomaya, n. dentist
pika, adj. tight
pike, n. castle
piko, n. unit of area, 100*100 rea (2,500 m2)
pime, adj. comfortable
pimeru, n. comfort, ease
pimeta, v. make comfortable
pimu, n. hit, strike (at a target), bull's-eye
pimuseta, v. miss (a target)
pimuta, v. hit, strike (a target)
piña, adj. long, tall
pina, n. apron, protective garment
piñanasa, n. circle of longitude, meridian
piñaru, n. length; longitude
piñe, n. officer, functionary
pine, n. bow (archery, music)
piñeta, v. hold office, serve the state
piñi, n. (deriv.) one who has sth, one who does things with sth
pini, adj. small
pini (2), n. diminutive suffix
pinihuña, n. Junior Commander (mil.), Major (army), Lieutenant Commander (navy)
pinimiko, n. wedding marshal, lieutenant for the junior bride
pininene, n. younger sister
piniñoko, n. Junior Sergeant, Junior Petty Officer (mil.)
pinipiñe, n. non-commissioned officer (mil.)
piniriaya, n. junior bride
pinivapi, n. Junior General, Admiral (mil.), Brigadier (army), Commodore (navy)
piniviku, n. Junior Lieutenant (mil.), Second Lieutenant (army), Ensign (navy)
piño, n. servant, house servant
piñopi, n. server (computer)
piñopito, n. serving bowl
piñota, v. serve
piñoya, n. server, attendant, waiter
piñu, n. warrior servant, knight, samurai
piñuta, v. serve, serve with arms
pipa, n. hat

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