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seha, n. Rireinu jackfruit
sehe, n. sistrum
sehi, n. gauze, insect netting
seho (1), n. ascetic, hermit, nun
seho (2), n. zetta- prefix (1e21)
sehohi, n. hermitage, monastery
sehomaya, n. monastery, hermitage (a building)
sehu, n. dune, sand dune
sekañapi, n. soda fountain
sekaraasa, n. soft drink
sekaro, n. recreation
sekata, v. refresh
seke, adj. hot; cooking hot, uncomfortably hot
sekeru, n. heat
seketa, v. boil, be boiling (itr.)
seketata, v. boil sth, cause to boil; heat
seme, n. field for cultivation, non-flooding
semepati, n. dry terrace
semi, pp. for, because of, in order to
seña, n. milliard, one thousand million; billion (short count)
sena, n. wall
señe, n. Señe, goddess of messengers, messenger of the gods
seneta, v. stop, discontinue (itr.)
seño, n. zepto- prefix (1e-21)
senohoso, n. hermitage, place where an ascetic lives
senohota, v. renounce the world
senota, v. quit, give up, reject, refuse (tr.)
señu, n. cousin, parent's sister's daughter; any relative not old enough to be called sama
senu, adj. thousand
senupiñi, n. colonel
senurini, adj. one thousandth
sepa, n. hoof (cloven)
sepero, n. change
sepeta, v. change (itr.)
sepita, v. swap
sepo, n. fat, grease
sera, n. seat of honour, curule chair, throne
sere, n. bran, rice bran
seri, n. milli- prefix
sero, n. week
seru, n. breed, species; kind, sort, type
sesa, n. fever
sesai, n. septet, set of seven, heptad
sete, n. soda, carbonated soft drink
seva (1), n. connection, union
seva (2), n. combination
seva (3), n. a discipline similar to yoga
seva (4), n. sum, total
seve, adj. con-, syn-, sth accreted or combined by intentional agent
sevepanu, n. synthesis
sevepi, n. switch; clutch; gearbox
sevesune, n. compound word (ling.)
seveta, v. couple, switch, yoke together
sevi, n. tie
seviko, adj. bound
sevisune, n. conjunction (ling.)
sevita, v. tie, bind
sevituro, n. commitment, engagement
sevituta, v. commit, engage, bind oneself
sevo (1), n. an age, era; aeon
sevo (2), n. yoke
sevo (3), n. a pair
sevohuhu, n. end of the world
sevu, n. bandage
sevuta, v. dress (wounds)
seya, n. aunt, birthmother's sister
sie, n. desert
siha, adv. here, hither
sihe, adv. hence, from here
sihi, n. rebellion, revolt; mutiny
sihipiñi, n. rebel; mutineer
sihita, v. rebel, revolt; mutiny
siike, adj. dying; mortal
siiko, adj. dead
siisa, n. death
siisañara, adj. mortal
siisanopo, adj. deathless, immortal
siita, v. die
sika, conj. but
siki, pron. this
sikise, adj. such, like this
siko, adj. bare, mere
siku, pron. this, this person
sime, n. conception
simeta, v. conceive (anat.), become pregnant
simi, n. copulation (animal), mating (with a male), procreation
simimaya, n. stud house
simiresi, n. stud fee
simita, v. mate (with a male), procreate
simota, v. bear, be pregnant with
simu, adj. pregnant
simuro, n. pregnancy
simuta, v. be pregnant
siña, n. coin
sina, n. brass
siñata, v. coin
sinatoni, n. jynnan tonnyx, an alcoholic beverage
sine, n. a type of song, usually melancholy and nostalgic
siñi, adv. therefore, for this reason, because
sini, adj. blue

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