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siniti (1), n. Rireinu hyena
siniti (2), adv. blue, bluely
siño, n. expedition, consignment, broadcast, transmission
siñopi, n. transmitter
siñota, v. send, dispatch, broadcast, transmit
sinu, n. sapphire
sipayu, n. today
sipe, n. cremation ground; burial ground; crematorium
sipepayu, n. nowadays, "today"
sipi', interj. stop!
sipi (1), n. stand
sipi (2), adj. vertical
sipipayu, n. solstice
sipipu, adj. vertical
sipiso, n. stop, halt (for public transport)
sipita, v. stand; halt (itr.)
sipiteta, v. stand up (itr.)
sipivimapi, n. helicopter
sipu, n. shell (of shellfish)
sira, n. scar
siraka, adv. this much
sire, n. vine
siri, n. fish
siritesi, n. fishing
siriteta, v. fish
siriteya, n. fisher
siro, adv. now
sisa, n. surface
sise, pp. near
sisi, n. urine, piss
sisipi, n. urethra
sisita, v. urinate
siso, n. neighbour
sisokuna, n. neighbourhood
sisu, n. baby
sisuse, adj. infantile
sita, n. heart
site, adv. thus, this way
siteyaki, n. thus it was; history, annals
siti, adv. adverb suffix
sito, n. tomato
situta, v. sow
siva, n. corpse
sive, n. wing
sivi, n. resin
siye, n. staple grain of Uteyete province, similar to einkorn wheat
soata, v. be allowed, permitted, have permission, may
soha, n. reception
sohapi, n. receiver
sohata, v. receive, get
sohaya, n. recipient
soho, n. gun, firearm
soi, n. sound (audible), noise, voice
soihe, n. vote, polling, election
soiheta, v. vote
soikura, n. sound wave
soiro, n. sound, phoneme
soirooti, n. phonology
soita, v. pronounce
soka, n. exchange, trade, swap, change
sokakasu, n. change, money given in exchange; small change, petty cash
sokata, v. exchange, trade, change, swap
some, n. finger
somi, n. fin
somo, n. pillow, cushion
sona, n. tar
soñata, v. wake up (itr.)
soñatata, v. wake (sb, sth) (tr.)
soñi, n. horizon, horizontal
soño (1), n. small or dark room (of a house), closet
soño (2), n. store-room; shed
soño (3), n. cell (of a prison)
soo, conj. if
sopa, n. bath
sopahi, n. bathhouse
sopasoto, n. bathroom
sopata, v. bathe
sopu, n. peace, harmony
sopu', interj. hello, goodbye, greetings
sopuro, n. greeting, salutation
soputa, v. greet, salute
sora, n. pith
sori, adv. too much, excessively, to excess; excess (compound form)
soro, n. absence-of-pain
sose, n. highway, paved road
sosi, n. lard
sosota, v. condemn
sosu, n. sky, heaven
sosuere, n. Sosuere, Ano VII, 'star of sky'
sosuñisi, n. horizon
sota, v. get
sotañu, n. shopping
sotañuta, v. shop
sotaresi, n. purchase price
sotaro, n. purchase, shopping
sotata, v. buy
sote, n. rescue
soteta, v. save, rescue
soti, adj. difficult, hard, challenging
sotiru, n. difficulty, problem, challenge

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