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toriotihi, n. secondary school
toririni, n. Rireinu "second" (0.8064 s); standard unit of time
toro, adj. fine, delicate
toropuo, n. (pej.) snob
toru, n. dome
tosa, n. Tosa the second person (mythol.)
tosa (2), n. repeat, review, recap
tosata, v. repeat, review, replay, recap
tose, adj. different, hetero-
toseta, v. differentiate
tosi, pron. other, another
tosipi, adv. otherwise
tosu, n. Tosu, goddess of victory
tota, n. lovingkindness
tote, adj. true
totehipe, adj. real, actual
totepeta, v. verify
toteri, n. evidence, proof
toteriro, n. witness (abstr.), statement of evidence, certificate (of proof)
toterita, v. witness; demonstrate, prove
toteriya, n. witness (person)
toteru, n. truth
toteruhipe, adj. truthful
toteta, v. make true, make real
toti, adv. really, in truth, truly
totiru, n. reality
toto, n. thunder
totomua, n. addition (math.)
tove, n. storm
toveñara, adj. stormy
tuhata, v. disappear
tuhatata, v. lose, misplace
tui, n. stab
tuita, v. stab, stick
tuka, n. fur, pelt; the coat of an animal
tuma, n. skin
tume, n. teat, breast
tumepiñi, n. mammal
tuña, n. shop, place of commerce
tuna, n. food to eat while drinking, sakana
tuñakau, n. commercial district, high street, shopping street
tuñapiñi, n. shopkeeper
tuñu, n. mouth harp
tupa (1), n. pile (of stones), cairn
tupa (2), n. mound
tupa (3), n. battery (electr.)
tupi (1), n. sting, stinger
tupi (2), n. bayonet
tupi (3), n. hollow needle
tupo, n. porridge
tupu, n. mitten
tura, n. scales
turata, v. weigh
turi, n. arrival
turita, v. arrive
turitata, v. reach, achieve
turo (1), n. coral
turo (2), n. issue, outcome, result
turu, n. spit
turuta, v. spit
tusa, n. income, revenue, earnings
tusi, n. coming
tusu, n. attempt, try; enterprise, undertaking
tusuta, v. try, attempt
tusuya, n. entrepreneur, businessperson
tuta, v. come
tuti, n. hug
tutita, v. hug
tuto, n. northwest
tututa, v. become, turn into
tuva, n. paradise, heaven, abode of the blessed
tuvu, n. pubic patch, pubes, pubic hair
tuvuhake, n. hair (single) of pubic hair
ue, conj. or
uha, n. bedroll
uhota, v. be spread out; be laid (as bedding, or as flooring)
uhotata, v. spread out; lay; unroll (bedding)
uhotatata, v. cause to be spread or laid (as bedding, flooring)
uhu, n. a nocturnal bird of prey; stupid person
uiñisi, n. beach, swimming place.
uita, v. swim
uke, n. field for cultivation, field that gets flooded, paddy
ukeña, n. spacesuit (colloq.)
ukepati, n. paddy terrace
uku, n. musical anklet, anklet with bells
umañara, n. inhabitant, resident, occupant
umapi, n. domicile, seat (of an organisation)
umaro, n. dwelling
umata, v. dwell, reside
unu, n. wool
upe, adj. purple
upi, n. belt
upiro, n. zone, belt
upo, n. amethyst
ura, pp. above
urapayu, n. day after tomorrow
uro, n. ice cream; frozen dairy dessert similar to kulfi
uru, n. whip sword
usa, n. moon, the satellite of Rireinu; month
usaano, n. first workday of the Minaere week, Minaere Monday

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