Lorošaep ikājapasta
The dictionary of Lorošae
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pit, v. hit
pit, da zat zet, v. clap
pit, zat-, v. slap
pitumb, v. brown
pleg, v. to embarrass, to make someone feel awkward
plog, n. vase
poik-, aff. across
poop, v. weak
pöri, adv. maybe
pot-, aff. through
potl, n. dress
potn, v. to have a limp
pris, v. itch
pris, ne-, v. tic
prun, v. drip
pum, v. right (direction)
purk, n. pond
puunk, v. blow
puunk, n-, v. blow (as in the wind)
puunk, poik- fin, v. blow one's nose
pxa-, aff. finger
pxawal, n. finger
pyö, n. doll
raas, n. wife
račat, n. headscarf
raed, v-, v. come to, wake up (after losing consciousness for some reason other than sleeping)
rai, v. fly
raju, n. lightning
raond, n. lip
raš, n. people
rase, n. hook
raut, v. masturbate, wank
raut, a-, v. give someone a handjob
re-, aff. over
redam, n. hammer
reed, v.  know (a person); be acquainted
reed rn, v. meet (for the first time)
reed, v-, v. catch up (in someone's life)
reet, v. to be satistied with (something)
ren, v. cut
ren, ne-, v. plow
ri, v. be enough, be sufficient
ri, e-, v. to owe (someone)
ri, faa-, v. to be able to afford something
riad, n. people, tradition
rid-, aff. a lot
riiv, n. čuk porridge
rip, v. jump
rip dz, v. hop all over the place
rip, by-, v. jump off

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