Lorošaep ikājapasta
The dictionary of Lorošae
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tör, n. net
toruk, n. wave
tr, v. what happen to (sth)
traa, v. to be horny
trid, v. scratch
trip, n. processed ejma
tseb, v. defeat, win against
tu-, aff. on (a vertical surface)
tučim, v. travel
tučimnas, v. hotel
tug, v. stab
tuk, n. piece
tulp, v. mess up
tuone, n. ghee
tur, v. burn
turib, n. world
turma, n. spoon
turut, n. lord, ruler
tut, v. drink
tut rn, v. take a shot (of booze)
tut, cam-, v. take a sip
tut, liu-, v. drink from (a communal container)
tut, yt-, v. lap up (a liquid)
tuum, min-, v. lightning strikes (someone)
tuus, q. many, much
twak, n. stick
twat, v. to go into a village or town or city
twoi, v. turn
twoi rn, v. flip
twoi, e-, v. become
twoi, e- dž g, n. declare (someone something)
twoi, g, v. spin (sth)
twoi, ze-, v. dodge
tx-, aff. with the foot
txy-, aff. into (a socket)
txy, re- g, v. put on a lid/cork
ty, v. walk
ty rn, v. step, take a step
tyk, n. thing, object
u-, aff. seriative, distributive
ud, n. day
udúm udúm , misc. heart beat ideophone
ugu, adv. now
ukku, n. type of starchy root vegetable
uls-, aff. heart
ulum, n. dock, place to tie your boat to
ulusej, n. full moon
um, v. sing
umsta, n. music
un , n. song

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